New Vaccine Investigated on Network News

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Last week, Planet Chiropractic reported on Prevnar, showing the inconsistencies stated in media reports regarding a study that was released touting the vaccines effectiveness.

Last night, Channel 8 news in Dallas Texas (an ABC News affiliate) presented a well researched investigation into the same vaccine.

Thanks to the internet, I watched the broadcast from my home in Los Angeles via my cable modem. Today, I am bringing you news of the news along with an audio/video link so that you can view the one-hour news broadcast for yourself.

Update: Here is the broadcast transcript link
News 8 Investigates: Prevnar Part 1

You will need a realplayer installed to view this broadcast and I strongly recommend you using a DSL or cable modem connection. (still don’t have DSL or cable? What are you waiting for?) If you don’t yet have a realplayer installed, visit our media page for the links to Real Networks.

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The News Announcements
From WFAA TV, channel 8 in Dallas Texas
“Have you heard that the vaccine Prevnar is for infants earaches?”
“Tonight, a News 8 investigation into the questionable science of the government’s vaccine approval process.”

Those are mighty strong words and it’s about time we see this on network news. Maybe the folks at NBC could learn something from this.

During the broadcast the question is asked, “What’s being injected into our children?” Reporters go on to state, “By the time children are old enough to go to school in this country, we give them more than 40 doses of vaccines.”

But as the number of vaccines grows in this country, so do the profits for the companies that manufacture them. Fade to a familiar face and this quote, “Stable ready made market, no liability. A stockholders dream.” – Barbara Loe Fisher

Prevnar is one of the most expensive vaccines ever made.

A father was interviewed who had reportedly lost his daughter to the vaccine Prevnar. He was told by his pediatrician that the vaccine would help prevent ear infections. Channel 8 news found that the vaccine was never licensed to treat such a condition.

In the piece, a representative of the CDC was interviewed and he was basically blathering with terms such as umm and uhh. Those were his best comments. (I’m not kidding, watch it for yourself. The guy is barely coherent.)

Others were interviewed…
“It is an ineffective and toxic vaccine.” The approval of this vaccine represents an irresponsibility of the federal government. The FDA and the CDC dismissed reports of seizures related to the vaccine. “While there has been a small number of deaths associated with the study, we have no reason to believe it is due to the vaccine.” This is dangerous because the government is pushing products that are not effective.

“A string of medical coincidences” was a term that stuck in my mind. Barbara Loe Fisher asked, “How many kids are expendable? One, five, five thousand?”

What was the vaccine made for? It was made to hopefully prevent or less the incidence of Pneumonia and meningitis. Not big money for the drug company as the news report explained. “Tell parents that this vaccine is effective in preventing ear infections and you have millions in your market.”

There is a follow-up to this report on tonight’s Dallas Channel 8 news and I plan on bringing you the news links tomorrow as well as a one-week wrap up on this whole ER and vaccine issue. I have received some very interesting bits of information during the past week.

Regarding channel 8 News in Dallas, this report was well researched and well presented. This is the kind of news that should be recognized. I would suggest you write to the folks at channel 8 news in Dallas and express your gratitude.

Written correspondence can be sent to:
WFAA-TV – 606 Young St., Dallas, TX, 75202

Phone Number: (214) 748-9631

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