Fellow Chiropractic Caretakers of the Principle

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

Since the start of 2004, we’ve already had 4 babies born in the practice, and there are at least 9 more ready to come aboard in the next couple of months (it snowed a lot last April and May!). I was blessed to check 3 of the 4 within the first 24 hours of their arrival, even tho they were all hospital births. I think the maternity nurses are beginning to wonder how many nieces and nephews I could possibly have!

No matter how many times I’ve checked newborns, the beauty and power of the experience still consistently blows me away. When I hold the baby and look into their eyes, I get the firm realization that I am looking at God. Perfection. Love. Innate. I realize that all the wisdom and power in the universe is looking back at me. I realize that there may never be another moment in this person’s life when they express that power and wisdom in such an undiluted and unfiltered way. At the same time, I realize that with this first adjustment, and hopefully a lifetime of adjustments, the possibility exists that God can continue to manifest thru this being without interference. And I am at once filled with hope for the world, imagining that this is the child that will grow up to be another Jesus, or Gandhi, or Buddha. Why not?

The future has yet to be created. And the things we think, feel, say, and do in each moment will be the blueprint for that creation. With each adjustment, whether it is for a newborn or a 95 year-old or a Schnauzer or a gecko, I work toward having my thots, my feelings, my words, and my actions all become one and the same: love. I exist to help all beings that come into my presence grow into their highest and grandest visions. I see this person (or whatever) as already perfect, already whole, and already holy. I know that their gift is something the world is dying to receive, and that their song is something the world is dying to hear. And I understand that he or she is a light unto this world, which I have been privileged enuf to ignite. It’s funny. When I adjust from that space, I never hear, “it still hurts over here, doctor.” All I get is God looking back at me, as well as the manifestation of my dreams.

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