Back Pain Has Nothing to Do with Asthma or Antibiotics

By Daria Belov

Back pain is thought to be one of the most common occurring complaints amongst people working in the United States. While chiropractors have long been associated with successful outcomes related to complaints of back pain, neck pain and headaches, there’s more interrelated symptoms that cross through the meshwork of daily aches and pains, that result in visits to chiropractic offices each and every day. It’s been a long time since the words were written look to the spine for the cause of disease and while preparing for an unrelated article today I was reminded of how a seemingly unrelated number of different topics could all have something in common.

Follow the links to get the gist of where I’m going. It started out simply, with a search early this morning on topics related to back pain and posture at work. I found that researchers don’t always suggest sitting up straight, that chiropractors sometimes get aching back pain too, that there is a national chiropractic care week in Australia (it was last month), a subluxation awareness week (taking place in September of each year), and that asthma cases have doubled in the United States.

chiropractor sporting posture changes on his T-shirt(photo: the back of a chiropractor’s T-shirt showing the simple difference of life before and after chiropractic care)

The asthma link took me off of the posture tangent and led me to find topics on breathing easier without asthma medication, some odd relationship with getting the measles and potentially preventing asthma as a result, and a testimonial of chiropractic care and children suffering from asthma.

I suppose children with poor posture grow up to be adults with even worse posture and begin complaining in the workplace that there neck, shoulders, and backs are sore. But before children become adults, they are still children, and before that they are babies and newborns.

In defining children I found myself on the search for babies and discovered crystal meth was not good for them (no surprise there), but breast-feeding was, but what happened to the midwives and having those babies at home?

Babies, newborns, and midwife related searches resulted in collateral findings of antibiotics not working, NSAIDs and the increasing risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, ear infections without antibiotics, healing ear infections without antibiotics (is that even possible /sarcasm), useless cases of antibiotic therapy for bronchitis, MD issued guidelines on antibiotics, and more antibiotics related searches than I’d care to index at this point in time.

Think that was an odd post, wait till you see the searches I found related to heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol. For a chiropractic news website, there sure are quite a few obscure topics spread across the years. @ 9:14 pm | Article ID: 1213330468