Kimberly Bock Won a Wii Fit from Planet Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s official, Kimberly Bock, the #44 commenting individual on our Win a Wii Fit from Planet Chiropractic has won herself a new in the box, fitness gadget, that is all the rage amongst so many seeking to be fit as a fiddle folks, worldwide.

wii fitIt’s good thing I had initially stated that a winner would be announced on or around June 9. It took longer for the judges to come back with their votes, and I lost the first set of tallies I had put together.

I really wanted #2 Brent Csutoras to win because he not only commented, but was instrumental in spreading the word about the contest to others. I’m going to have to find some other way to tell him thanks.

Thanks to our judges for direct messaging me with their selections. Those participating included PR female extraordinaire Nicole Jordan, Elmer Thomas (local geek and twiistup presenter), Curtis Cunningham (a drum nerd residing in Los Angeles, California), and Eric Lander.

Here is Kimberly’s winning comment, it was one out of nearly 50 received.

#44 Kimberly Bock
I’m a committee member of Prince William Drop-In Center (Va) – A day cntr. for those who are mentally challenged.

I would donate it to them and develop a 1/2 hr work-out plan to share with them. Encouraging them to exercise will be less difficult if we have a tool like this that makes exercise fun.

Stimulating their physical health will compliment their medicinal needs.This also acting as a contribution to PWC as a whole because it may be a determining factor in their becoming functional members of the County.

Thanks for offering such a useful tool. Good luck everyone!

Others in the running included…

#4 Melissa Hourigan
If I was presented with the Wii fit, I would maybe get off Twitter for five seconds to get fit. After the birth of my third child and a new work-from-home situation, I am finding myself in a weird place physically. Unfortunately, I have spend quite a bit of money on pilates, yoga mama and ab videos. While they are fun to watch, the pounds aren’t coming off. I need something more engaging and just don’t have the outfits to go to the gym. Please help this mom who strives to be hip and get out of these damn maternity clothes. Technology is my only chance.

#6 Chris Bartow

I plan to work with my business partner to develop a use for Wii Fit in our Senior Fitness Tai Chi program. It will hopefully brought to local senior housing facilities and integrated into their lives.

#28 Kymberlie Piekkola
I would spend time with my kids having fun and loosing weight at the same time. It’s so great to see the video game companies getting these kids off the couch.

I waited almost a year to receive my Wii Fit (first writing about it in July 2007) but when it arrived I had the urge to make it available in a simple to enter contest, and see if I learned anything about the process as a result.

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped in spreading the word. Much abundance and great fitness and health to all of you!

2 thoughts on “Kimberly Bock Won a Wii Fit from Planet Chiropractic”

  1. Wow! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to call them with the news! Very exciting indeed.

    In fact, I have been slack where exercising is concerned, so this will force me to get off of my computer seat and exercise with them! haha..What a terrific way to wake up.

    Mentally challenged people are often overlooked, but they also are a group of people with very special talents that only they can offer. They are beaten by life, by other people, and by nature. Their health and fitness is imperative if we expect their meds to work at peak potential so we can see them excel in the community, if possible.

    Thanks again,
    Kimberly & all of PWC Drop-in Cntr.

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