Wii Fit in your chiropractic office

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Santa Monica, California: A number of my techie friends here on the Westside Los Angeles area have been e-mailing me from E3 since last night regarding Nintendo’s introduction of a new Wii product they will be introducing to the market. Some already feel the product will revolutionize the home fitness industry.

The Wii Fit was introduced yesterday (July 11) to an invitation only crowd attending the E3 Media & Business Summit. Someone sent me a video, and to say that I was impressed from what I saw, would be an understatement.

The product, formerly code-named Wii Health Pack, is a two-part package. One part is a console exclusive peripheral device designed to appear just like a balance board. The model I saw in the video was a slim, whitish board that apparently has built in gyroscopic technology which allows the unit to very accurately measure weight and posture. Think SAM spinal units and duel scale systems. Combine it all into one device that outputs its readings digitally onto a screen size of your choice.

It gets better. The other part of this technology is the software that makes use of the balance board device. Nintendo has already developed a number of game like activities that will challenge a user to perform different exercises such as yoga, push-ups, and dance. Chiropractors reading this will no doubt recognize the potential for neurological training, digitized postural assessment, strengthening and balancing of nervous system pathways, and increased joint motion.

Wii Fit is unlike any other gaming device we’ve seen in the past. There’s a purpose to the activities being performed. You’re not shooting up people, or trying to kill mutant monsters with your laser weapons. Purposeful movement that is fun and healthy, what a concept.

I have a strong feeling that this is only the beginning. We will soon see an entire genre of video games moving into the home health-care market. Doesn’t be getting outdoors for natural exercise, but the possibility for measuring of results has me very optimistic about this products use in health care.

Nearly every professional athlete has trained with balance boards or similar devices. Not all chiropractors would use something like this in their office but imagine the possibilities of being able to guide the people in the community you care for towards proper exercise, postural improvement techniques, and better balance. They can do all of this in their living room or in your facility. No doubt some will integrate these into their offices.

At this time I don’t have a video link for you but we’ll get one embedded here as soon as one comes available. I’m waiting on an e-mail from someone in marketing at Nintendo so we should have a number of images and other information for you soon. If we’re fortunate enough, I will have a unit here at planet chiropractic to be able to demonstrate for the chiropractic profession.

About E3.: The event is the E3 Media & Business Summit, an exclusive, invitation-only, three-day (July 11-13) event which offers the opportunity for both ESA members and non-members to stage major press events, and have personal meetings in hotel suites and meeting rooms with media, retailers, developer partners, and other key industry contacts.

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