Win a Wii Fit from Planet Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

You may or may not have noticed that I ordered a Wii Fit early in April and received one via FedEx just the other day. It’s very cool and apparently there’s quite a bit of concern that there won’t be enough units to go around. Wouldn’t it be great to Win one for yourself?

Well now you can! I have a brand new unit, opened only to take photos, that’s ready to take up residence in the home of some happy camper. Check out the photos…

One side of the Wii Fit box

Other side of the Wii Fit box

Everything inside the box

How to Win

Participating is simple, all you have to do is add a comment to this post. Tell us what you would do with a Wii Fit. How would it improve your health and fitness? Talk about the balance board, yoga, doing push-ups, or the importance of exercise. Just make sure your comment is better than anyone else’s, since our judges will be deciding the winner based on the comment that they collectively like the most.

Wii Fit Contest Rules

1. Planet Chiropractic will begin collecting comments beginning on May 22nd, 2008.
2. All comments must be received by 9pm PT on June 6th, 2008.
3. Comments that meet the submission guidelines will be published.
4. Planet Chiropractic reserves the right to reject or edit any comment, for any reason including: use of profanity, plagiarism, obvious spam, excessive links etc.
5. The winner will be the finalist with the most votes from our panel of judges.
6. You agree to allow Planet Chiropractic to use your comment submission and your name for any promotional purposes.
7. The final winner will be announced on or around June 9th, 2008.
8. Planet Chiropractic reserves the right to change or cancel this contest at any time and for any reason.
9. The contest is open to Canadian and US residents 18-years and older.

All comments get held for moderation, but they will appear shortly (as long as not in violation of rules mentioned above). Ready to participate? Post your comment below!

48 thoughts on “Win a Wii Fit from Planet Chiropractic”

  1. I’d pass it on to an older family member who is using the existing Wii to help get in shape. I know she would love one of these and just can’t afford the additional expense and since she has adopted the use of the current Wii she and I are both excited at the potential possibilities that this toy could provide when it comes to improving her physical health. It is selfish really, but I would love to see her get healthy and become more active.

  2. About three years ago I went to bed without any pain and woke up with a sharp pain in my neck and back shoulder.

    I thought it was just a strain but after many months I decided to see a doctor.

    Apparently the amount of time I work in front of the computer, sitting, and some bad posture has done some damage to my back.

    I went to a chiropractor and it started to improve but they said what I need is more exercise.

    Since I moved, I no longer have my exercise equipment, nor the room, to properly exercise at home. There is not a local gym easy enough to get away to, since I work so many hours and need to be on the computer.

    I was never huge into games but I got a Wii for christmas last year. I have been playing the Wii tennis from time to time and noticed it was a good workout for a game.

    I would love to win the Wii fit because I feel it could be the solution to my back and neck pains, work requirements, and lack of space issues.

    Of course I would feel so much better I would have to blog all about it on my blog. šŸ˜‰


  3. First of all, i’d like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to win such an interesting device. Secondly, i think Wii Fit is an interesting device that can improve your health in a very pleasant way. Not only that improves your health but it also entertain you…and nowadays this thing is very appreciated because people are moving very fast, they don’t have time to go to a park or to jog.

    Wii Fit can give us the possibility of doing multiple things to maintain our body healthy. The fact that it offers us this chance, to make sport at home is something that i really like.

  4. If I was presented with the Wii fit, I would maybe get off Twitter for five seconds to get fit. After the birth of my third child and a new work-from-home situation, I am finding myself in a weird place physically. Unfortunately, I have spend quite a bit of money on pilates, yoga mama and ab videos. While they are fun to watch, the pounds aren’t coming off. I need something more engaging and just don’t have the outfits to go to the gym. Please help this mom who strives to be hip and get out of these damn maternity clothes. Technology is my only chance.

  5. Well first I would use it to get skinny (I’ve been married for almost 2 years and I gained more than I will admit here).

    Then things would get fun – I would start a blog for collecting suggestions and votes, then use it as the public directs – find it’s uses as a surfboard, a wakeboard, a luge, a dinner table – the possibilities are endless.

  6. I plan to work with my business partner to develop a use for Wii Fit in our Senior Fitness Tai Chi program. It will hopefully brought to local senior housing facilities and integrated into their lives.

  7. With three kids under 7 including twins, a full time job and a husband… I think that the Wii Fit might possibly add years to my life šŸ™‚ – I’d have a legitimate excuse to take ‘me’ time at home to keep fit, keep an ear and eye on the kids, and not feel guilty about the time out.

    Apart from the fact that I find most gyms a little too full of mirrors and impossibly svelte people who tend to like said mirrors a tad too much… of course that could be me being bitter and twisted… apart from all that, I’d quite simply really like a Wii Fit, and I’d use it.

    I mean where can you get that many features with the variety of options and room for experimentation all in the safety of your living room, that doesn’t weigh 300kg and permanently damage your back when you tried to unload it from the car… no names mentioned

  8. “Wii Fit would help get me fit.”

    As a former college athlete now competing on the business playing field, this would be an excellent tool to keep me on top of my game. Sound mind, sound body…

  9. If I was to recieve a Wii Fit, I would use it as the opportunity to get myself in shape. I have recently been diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease and need to get back to normal. The low energy and other issues are going to clear up. Though I am quite overweight at this time, it would help me to get to a point where I feel OK about going to the gym.

    When I was younger and before the issues around my health started happening, I was active and always on the go. Hiking, camping, rafting-all kinds of great stuff. For the last several years it has been difficult to motivate to do much beyond normal chores and walking the dogs at the end of my work day. Needless to say, my physical condition is not great. It’s hard when you know that having a regular schedule of excercise is important but just can’t find that last ounce of energy to get up and out the door. Just trying to get a program going for yourself is disappointing as typically I found that going to the gym was good, but once you get that fatiqued feeling and can’t even focus well enough to drive and bail out of your schedule….it leaves you feeling even worse mentally than before!

    After so many years of feeling so poorly and never quite figuring out what was wrong, I have a new sense of optimism and much better outlook on life. Ultimately, the diagnosis is scary as there are some issues that can be hard to deal with.

    Even though I have not begun treatment, it’s almost like I can see a light at the end of the tunnel that has been my physical breakdown. All this stuff really wasn’t just in my head and I wasn’t a lazy or anti-social. Now it’s time to kick myself in the butt to take advantage of the opportunity instead of kicking myself in the butt for being a lazy sod.

  10. I play wii now and its the best thing you can play, it help you get into shape such as buying an active moving game that you are exercising but I dont even know it!!!!! I would improve my health by using the proper game to help which would be the wii fitness package! I like the idea of the balance board just because it helps with all the exercises you would use it for!!!!! the board also helps with balance! Usually when i try to excerise i play boxing with my little sister and i get on the stepper my mom has at her house! It shows me balance and how to box but i think doing that isnt goping to help me get in shape for my wedding but i personally think that the wii fitness will. The activities it provides are important workoutstha teveryone should be doing to stay healthy in life, also it is emphasising controlled movements rather than overexertion. By doing exercises I’ll gain muscle, and by doing yoga I’ll be more ballanced! Doing aerobic exercise, yoga poses and muscle workouts is good for everyone in general! Plus Wii Fit allows its players to compare their fitness by using Wii Fit’s own channel on the Wii Menu. Which i can see if i am slacking on using the game or if i am doing a really good job with it!

    I also have a bad back but to make a long story short i like doing yoga poses which i learned from tv commercials or what not and i feel so much better so being able to have a program that shows me different poses such as Tree, Standing Knee, Palm Tree, Chair, Triangle, Downward-Facing Dog, and some deep breathing would be great!

  11. If I received the Wii, I would work hard to get to a point where I can drink in the feeling of being strong in mind and strong in body. I have been overweight much of my life. I am on the threshold of passing these bad traits onto my now 4 and 5 year old children. I have tried a plan or two, okay I have tried EVERY plan. My children are noticing the inconsistency in my life. A week or two of hard core focus and then POOF… picks up ice cream and McD’s.

    I want to be at a place in my life where I don’t question the physical and mental benefits of exercise vs. the emotional indulgence of the chocolate cake on the sofa watching Grey’s. I don’t want my children to wonder which is more important while watching mom falter from one side of the coin to the other.

    People often ask what we want to be remembered for when we leave this world, what we want to be left in the hearts of those left behind. I would feel like a successful part of this world and a member of my family if I left knowing that I took great care to make sure that I was here as long as I could be by taking care of myself, that my kids and family members could clearly see God within my heart and actions, and that my children understood the vital importance of health and self-control above selfish and destructive indulgence.

  12. I’m 19 years old and have been suffering with back pain for the past three years. I have been told the pain is caused by a slight kyphosis and some type of spondylitis in my thoracic spine. I am in the midst of a third set of physical therapy sessions and have been prescribed Etodolac to no avail. This severe pain that keeps getting worse has caused my life to become quite sedentary aside from working part time and going to physical therapy twice a week, I even had to drop two of my college courses because it became difficult carrying various textbooks and my laptop around in my backpack. I feel that if I win this copy of Wii Fit it would help me on my road to strengthening the muscles in my back while loosening up my spine; relieving me of this constant pain and pressure in my back.

  13. My husband & I are both 47 & both have back problems. We have recently purchased a wii for our b-days. We have started a nutrition program to help us loose weight & are doing a few excerises. We both work hours that do not accomadate a gym membership. The wii fit would allow us to workout at home when ever we want.

  14. What a great contest! I would use the Wii Fit to help hundreds of people in my office increase their fitness level. After every patient visit I would have them step into my rehab room to use the Wii fit for 15 minutes.

  15. If I only had a WII
    Id be fit as a fiddle
    At the gym time I would not piddle
    If I only Had a WII
    Id get my family in shape
    We would pass the tale of the Tape
    If I only had a wee.
    My children would think its cool to use a toy as a fitness tool
    They would be safe and have fun and do things unproductive none
    If we only had a WII
    We would do Yoga and go bowling
    Boxing and possibly fish Trolling
    If we only had a WII.
    Rainy days would not be boring and through mind numbing cartoons I would not be snorring.
    If I only had a WII.

  16. I am 27, a mother of 2, and have been overweight since I was in 4th grade. I’ve been made fun of so long in my life. I tried dieting and going to the gym. Neither of those worked well for me, and the gym was just outright embarrassing for me. My kids are 3 and 5 and are so active! I just dont have enough energy to really interact with them the way they deserve. I am getting married next Memorial Day weekend, and I would really like to lose weight, tone up my body before then. I was in an accident in January, causing damage to my neck, back and shoulder. Insurance has cut me off from Physical Therapy, so in addition to the weight loss benefits, I think this Wii Fit would help me work my injury. Thank you!

  17. First, this is a really cool contest!
    I’ve often thought about getting a WII. Let me give you some background.

    First, I was a swim instructor for over 10 years. Was fit as a fiddle, tone and healthier. After resigning that position to start my own company my body quickly has paid the toll. You see I have some serious back problems that often keep me from exercising. After two back surgeries I deal with chronic pain every day due to degenerative disc disease. Without being able to consistently strengthen my core, my body has continued to lose tone, with some muscle atrophy. My boring exercise ball is a friend and enemy.

    With so many hours in front of the computer — that doesn’t help.

    I would utilize the Wii to get back to my former shape. It seems a fun way to do it, and that’s the only way I could commit to doing it.

    The second thing I would use it for is to quit smoking. I’ve been a smoker for far too long and have quit and started countless times. So that I can be around to see my 18 year old son go to college, marry and have children I HAVE to quit. My Dad just passed away and I want to be around for my Mom. She needs me. I know with a tool like a Wii it would enable me to accomplish what I’ve been long trying to do.

    Hope that sums it up and you’ll consider me for this prize!

  18. I just learn of Wii Fit friday May 23, 2008. This same day I found out my husband triglycerides are 394 and his Ldl are low at 210. This would be a good way to help with diet to lower his Triglycerides and cholesterol with in normal range. My son is 10 and weights 122.5 this would also help him get in better shape he pays video games a lot and likes a challenge, so I think this would be a great way to get him into shape. I would like to tri Yoga and to get back into shape with the different variety of exercises that wii fit has like push ups, balance board and yoga. Importance of exercise and healthy diet it the key to a long life. I know this would help my family to get started on a long healthy life stile thank you for the opportunity to try and win a Wii Fit.

  19. First I would send it to my Grandpa who had a pretty bad hemorrhagic stroke a few months back and who is going through a very costly and ineffective rehab. They aren’t giving him many useful exercises and they aren’t providing him much in the way of support. My Grandma has been taking care of him, but she had a FOOSH (fall on out-stretched hand) injury just three weeks ago which fractured a wrist bone and her right radius and ulna. So my Grandparents aren’t getting out much.

    My Grandpa would absolutely love the Wii Fit and I think it would allow him to decrease the crippling spasticity, strengthen the weakened muscles of his right side, and re-eastablish the mind-body connection that hasn’t been functioning very well since the stroke. There’s no need for insurance paperwork, disinterested physical therapists, or cynical neurologists if he has a Wii Fit exercise program right in the house!

    Then I would use the Wii as patient education in my office, which I will (hopefully) be opening in just under two years. I am an 8th quarter student at Life University in Atlanta. From what I’ve heard on the Internet, the Wii Fit is really a great tool for exercising and monitoring goals. Too many people live sedentary lives and have too many roadblocks to fitness – having this kind of tool right in their homes (in fact, right next to their TV’s!) will give people the ability to exercise effectively without going and joining a gym or running around the block. One of my practice goals is going to be centered on getting people active and interested in their own fitness because a self-awareness about health will get my patients well faster while also laying the groundwork for a real appreciation for what chiropractic can offer with regards to musculoskeletal integrity. If I can introduce the Wii as a realistic alternative to gym membership and home gyms then I can help ensure my patients will follow my advice and work on their flexibility, strength, and fitness in between office visits.

  20. definition: Wii (weee) noun,

    What my belly’s gonna look like after 3 months of using this thing!

  21. My Dad and I used to play Star Fox together as a bonding experience, he was very athletic and participated in hiking and bike riding regularly.

    My Dad grew older and due to pains, he can no physically go hiking or biking comfortably anymore. Since his discovery of his diabetes my plan has always been to find activities for him to help him be physically and emotionally healthy.

    It would be wonderful to use video games as a bonding experience with my Dad again, as well as a healthy activity that he can enjoy without pain.

    Thank you,

  22. I’ve tried many things trying to get fit over the course of the past few years. I’m a little overweight, but not so much that you would think becoming healthy is such a problem. But every time I try to do something for myself, I get sidetracked by my kids. I want to involve them with me. I’d like for them to learn how to be healthy with me. But I need to do some serious exercising first.

    They are too young for most traditional exercise plans. They can’t follow along with me and my exercise videos. They move too slowly. Same thing with running. I can’t take them with me. They are 4 and 2. I’d never get any running done with them. I can’t go to the gym most times, because my husband works odd hours. And I don’t want to leave them at home without me anyway. I want to involve them as much as I can. Exercise equipment is much too expensive, and they’d want to climb on it. I’m afraid they’d get hurt.

    But they could enjoy the Wii with me. I know they would love to get an extra controller and run with me in my living room. We could each go at our own pace. They would love to try to balance with me and hula hoop. And I could work off some extra weight. I’m really think the Wii Fit will fit into our lives well.

  23. I was so excited when I saw the Wii Fit come out. I was eying the Nintendo Wii for the purposes of shedding a few calories while gaming.

    Since the beginning of the year, with a new years resolution, I have been dieting to shed weight for my wedding in August. As being fit and trim is a healthy aspect of marriage, my fiance and I have been working out together and have pledged continue to stay fit after our we wed.

    I’ve now lost 25 pounds and she’s lost about 15. I’ve been mainly jogging but she’s being doing those workout videos. For her, a Wii Fit would be perfect so that she could have fun doing it. Part of the problem for both of us with exercise is that we get so damn bored doing it. Being entertained would keep us motivated to continue on.

    Whether I win or lose this one I will definitely be getting a Nintendo Wii jsut for Wii Fit.

  24. I’m a little behind on the Wii craze, but I’d like one to try to get fit again. I’m sure my kids would love it, too.

  25. Fitness is important no matter what your size is. While I am in the norm for BMI I still workout on my treadmill daily. I would love a Wii fit though because the treadmill does not meet my needs for stregnth training. The Wii Fit has many activities that could do this for me as well as continueing to improve my cardiovascular fitness.

    In February I bought a treadmill which helped me loose that last ten pounds I needed to be at a healthy weight. Do you know what the added benefit of that was? Role Modeling. My two daughters have watched me work out daily. My eldest now wants to be a runner when she grows up and my youngest talks about working out to be healthy everyday. I never mention weight to them, I always tell them it is to keep my heart healthy and my muscles strong.

    I think role modeling is key in raising children. I would love to use the Wii fit to do yoga as well. I think the Wii Fit would help me to role model alternate ways to stay healthy and fit with the emphasis on over all body health, not weight.

  26. I would use the wii fit myself for my health and fitness. I have a really back back problem as well as this excruciating leg pain and want to get better. It’s been 5 years now with the pain and more so after having my baby boy about 1 year ago. I think staying fit and in shape would help. I would aslo share with my mother. She has been overweight due to stress and eating. I love her so much and need her around. I think this would not only be fun but helpful to her health and well-being.

  27. I would spend time with my kids having fun and loosing weight at the same time.
    It’s so great to see the video game companies getting these kids off the couch.

  28. I dutifully sit at my desk and avoid the spaces where people frown and “Shhhh”

    Hunched over their microwave meals…at regular intervals.

    To keep MY spine alive I go out into the world and move – explore, see, breath – and attempt to pay attention to my one precious life.

    Wii have a problem …a pending Wiisaster.

    With Wiispect I would Wii-joice to WiiFit

  29. Much to the chagrin of my family, we do not own a Wii. I explain to them that the expense is just too much for an “entertainment item”. Plus, we’re up to our eyeballs in every single previous incarnation of the Nintendo. šŸ™‚

    My opinion is changing quickly though, the more I hear about Wii Fit. I think I may covet Wii Fit, but not anyone’s specifically so I don’t think I’m breaking any commandments.

    I’ve been Jazzercising for a few months now, trying to keep off the 50lbs. I managed to lose on the Byetta. I’m maintaining the weight and get the occasional compliment about looking more toned, but no additional pounds have been lost.

    Unfortunately, the Jazzercise facility I attend only has child care for 3 classes a week and up until this week I’ve only been able to attend 2 of those classes. I started the Couch to 5K program in the week and a half of spring we get here in Sunny Orlando and now it’s too darn hot.

    I’m supposed to compete in the Urban Dare in September and need some great indoor training so I can beat my husband. šŸ™‚

    Wii Fit, I need you.

  30. I would love a wii with the wii fit because my whole family could benifit. I am in peri-menapause and wieght lose is much harder now. My family has a history of foot back and vein problems that I would like to avoid if possible. My son has aspergers syndrom. He loves video games and always wants us to particapate with him. Yoga movement has been recomended as a good excercise for him to build strength, concentration and calm. I feel a more physically interactive game like wii and wii fit would be helpful to each of us individually, Be a good tool for sharing family time and help my husband and I continue to give our son skills that will help him have a more normal life in a manner he is more receptive to learn. Thank You Shelley M.

  31. Wii Fit is something I can use to better the health of my entire family! I have 3 kids and a husband. We can use all the help we can, as we’ve fallen off the wagon in recent years.

    I want my children to grow up with the knowledge that exercise is and should be a part of a daily routine. But it can also be fun!

    I recently joined Spark People and am totally motivated to lose weight and the Wii fit will only better those chances.

    Have to say, what an awesome idea!

  32. I love how technology is allowing people to get exercise that they might not otherwise get – great contest!

  33. I suppose there are many people here that might deserve this more than me. My wife has lupus. Execise is a great stress reliever and would help my wife alot. Me and my wife try to run/walk at times. This can be limited by the weather though. My wife, 10yr son, and I could all use regular exercise and this would help greatly since weather would not slow us down.
    Thanks for considering! Have a wonderful day!

  34. My son likes to play on his XBox 360, and my husband sits at his desk most of the day. I am hoping a Wii and the Wii Fit would help get my son off the couch and enable him to get more exercise. I also hope that my husband would participate with him and get exercise while having quality time with my son.

  35. Great contest!

    My husband and I are expecting our first child at the end of the summer. The pregnancy is going pretty well, except for a few SI joint issues that I’m successfully managing with yoga.

    We’re both fairly active people, so the idea of having a young baby who needs to be home a lot and sleeping quite sporadically brings dread of cabin fever. And from the sounds of it, whether we manage to keep active during that first challenging year can mean the difference between caving into a change to a more sedentary lifestyle, or just having a temporary slow down.

    I’ve already found myself slowing down with my extra passenger; I’ve been banned from the bicycle and have a hard time getting to the pool. I have a few fitness videos, but they can get boring after the 10th viewing. The Wii fitness is a great concept because it provides the interactivity and sense of competition that outdoor sports provide, but can be easily tailored for crazy schedules and the lack of opportunity to leave the house.

    You would make a couple of new parents very happy, especially at 3 am when they could sneak in a bit of entertaining exercise (entercise?) without waking the baby!

  36. Just emptied a half a can of WD-40 today on a Mongoose bike my husband bought for me 10 years ago so I out of the house for some exercise.

    Clearly his gift did not work, as it’s been collecting dust for years in our garage. I was hoping to clean up my lazy act, and start biking this summer.

    But, being a full time working mom, it’s hard to find time to “get out” and exercise.

    Often, my only time alone, is at night — watching LOST or some reality TV show of the month. With a Wii in my bedroom, I could trade in my flavor of the month show, for some serious Technicolor exercise.

    My body is in need of major toning, while my mind is in need of major zoning — as in zoning out. Yoga here I come. Ski Jumps? Let’s do it.
    Come to me Wii baby.

    Spare me the pain — and messiness — of greasing my bike’s gears. Instead, give me a one-stop bedroom gym that will blow my mind, and body away.

  37. That first graf I in my previous submission should say: “Just emptied a half a can of WD-40 today on a Mongoose bike my husband bought for me 10 years ago so I COULD GET out of the house for some exercise.”

    sorry..Thanks for hosting such a cool contest. Nancy M.

  38. What I would do with a Wii Fit? That’s easy — compulsory family time. Because nothing says fun like forcible physical fitness in front of relatives, right?

    I’m not a parent. But I am the sister of a recovering addict who is in DIRE need of naturally induced endorphins.

    I think video games are pretty awesome. Ditto for exercise. But is either of them enough to satisfy her?


    But I am POSITIVE that the ungodly combination of video games + exercise — certainly a revolutionary union if there ever was one — will be an effective way for my sister to learn how to exercise and produce natural good feelings.

  39. The first thing I would do with my wii fit is HULA HOOP! I love hula hooping. As a kid my record was hula hooping for over 2 hours (yes my stomach hurt at the end.) I also could hula hoop up stairs, up and down a steep levee, while walking backwards, and while eating and ice cream cone. In college I hula hooped my way to winning a sundial wrist watch (it really was a sundial instead of a real watch.) I qualified for a contest later that day to hula hoop for a real watch but I had to get back for a chemistry lab. I miss hula hopping with an unbent hula hoop (I have two little girls that ‘play’ with the hoops.) It would be fun to hula all I want with no hoops to break, bend or loses, plus it is fun to just ahake those hips. I could hula my way to better health, hey I would use the yoga too!! You can only hula for so long, of course with my youngest just being potty trained I bet I could hula a whole 10 minutes before hearing “I have to go potty.” I need a great way to exercise that can be done in short bursts and fun for my girls to join me. Bonus: I could finally teach my girls the fine art of Hula hooping, they almost have the hips down, they just need practice.

    Now after I get my fill of hula hooping (Is that possible?) I would love to try the yoga. I have always wanted to try but with no one to watch my girls I have never been. The child care offered at the local Y has had a number of outbreaks (pink eye, pin worm, a wierd rash and other diseases) so I have never left them there. I do need to get in better shape. I try and take walks but as it is still raining almost evertday that is hard too, plus come fall I am not going to be out very long in snow and ice!

  40. Have you played the Wii Fit? I played it at a friend’s house and now I have to get me one. When you setup your Mii, you are this stick with no hands or feet. Then, when you setup the Wii Fit your Mii gains hand, feet and yes – Weight. My poor little Mii was not little anymore. After the balance board calculated my BMI and my weight, my little Mii grew and grew. After about 20 minutes of trying out the different activites, I have to admit that I was out of breath. My decision from that point was that I needed to buy one for myself.

    Thank you, Dr. Mike for the opportunity to get fit – Wii Fit that is!

  41. Hello……Assuming they’re MY patients in MY office and they already know that “NO ONE in this life will ever reach their human potential without Chiropractic Care at their Core “…….The first thing formed in a human being (and other life forms…let’s K.I.S.S. that’s another contest)………is the brain and spinal cord………Priority ONE…….To protect this electrical conduit or bridge between us and the divine the powers that be developed a vertebral column to best protect this priority ONE……..SO>>>>> with that being said, my patients would see that ALL the exercises covered in the “WHY I” should be FIT…….ALL point to 2 major things……….#1….The structure can ONLY BENEFIT through regular Chiropractic Care and…… #2 As a patient I MUST GET INVOLVED IN MY HEALTH…..nothing I mean nothing of any great importance can benefit me unless it’s from WITHIN….NOT WITHOUT my participation….The Wii Fit allows a patient to evolve sequentially….i.e. stretching>>>>balancing>>>>strength training>>>>aerobic…..ALL parts leading to a greater WHOLE…and it’s fun too!!!!!…..Thanks, Ray

  42. My husband and I have been married for almost two years now. We decided to get married right after I graduated high school, and while we’ve had our moments of doubt whether that was the best idea, we’ve come to place in our lives in which we can appreciate life’s blessings. Through the struggles that come with having too little money, too little time, too little food, and too little experience, we’ve grown together. We’ve tried to blend our young adult desires with our longing to be responsible, full adults; in many areas we’ve been successful. We’ve built routines, formed good habits, and relied on eachother when we’ve been weak. I have begun to fulfill some of my womanly instincts by cooking, cleaning, and caring for someone I love; and he has gained an awareness of himself as he’s provided. I feel we deserve the progress and success we’ve had, which may seem strange to some, considering we chose ourselves to jump into a life too old for our skins. But fail or succeed in all areas of life, we’re happy with our choices, and try to better ourselves where ever possible. Slowly but surely we’ve been able to follow the guidance we’ve received all our lives, but never seemed to hear, and incorporated fruits and vegetables, eight hours of sleep, and spirituality into our lives. For the time being, our goals are in areas that include monetary stability, and exercise. Those seem to be our trouble spots, and yet they seem to be connected. “Exercise daily,” everyone says. “When?” I say, “With what energy? Where? And how can we afford the time and supplies?” That’s when I found an offer for a free Wii Fit. If we were blessed with one, I’m positive it would help us achieve our goals, and allow us to spend more positive, productive time together, and as individuals.

  43. I’m a committee member of Prince William Drop-In Center(Va) – A day cntr. for those who are mentally challenged.

    I would donate it to them and develop a 1/2 hr work-out plan to share with them. Encouraging them to exercise will be less difficult if we have a tool like this that makes exercise fun.

    Stimulating their physical health will compliment their medicinal needs.This also acting as a contribution to PWC as a whole because it may be a determining factor in their becoming functional members of the County.

    Thanks for offering such a useful tool. Good luck everyone!

    Kimberly Bock

  44. After I read your original post, I researched all the features of this new product and I was so excited to learn all that it has to offer.
    – I love that this product was designed to get families working out together, which is exactly what my husband and I need. I’ve read that couples that work out together are 7 times more likely to keep working out. I believe it because whenever we try to exercise independently from one another, it just doesn’t work.
    – I love the balance board’s design; how it can track your progress in the Wii for BMI and weight and how small the board actually is because it can just slide under our couch for storage. We’re expecting a little one and his room is currently where we have our exercise equipment, so I have been trying to find a way to keep a way for us to exercise indoors (since we live in Oregon where it’s still in the 50’s and raining).
    – All of the exercises that the Fit has to offer look like they will work and are still do-able for someone like me, who had back surgery 10 years ago. While running isn’t really an option, the boxing program looks like it can definitely get my heart rate up. And in the past, yoga has drastically improved my range of motion. I’d love the option of doing yoga at home, especially since we’ll be having a little one that I need to keep an eye on. Plus Wii completely integrated the fun element with their mini-games where you improve your balance.
    – I love that for activities like yoga and pushups, the program will help me to have the correct posture. One of the most frustrating parts of working out on my own (as opposed to with a class or trainer) is that I’m never sure if I’m doing the exercises like there supposed to be done.

    So in short, I dream of getting a Wii Fit and as the wife of a chiropractic student, your price is certainly right. Thanks for giving one of us this wonderful opportunity!

  45. It seems like every year, I invest a couple hundred dollars on some new exercise fad – yoga, spin, break dancing, pole dancing, pilates. It lasts one summer, but as soon as winter hits, I’m back on my couch watching American Idol.

    The problem is not that I don’t enjoy exercise, it’s that I’m biologically unfit for life in Canada. This is where the Wii Fit can change my life.

    If I had a Wii Fit, I’d be able to stay active through the cold winter months, and supplement my summer activities too!

    I could work on my arm strength with Wii Push-Ups for pole dancing; strengthen my core with the Wii Balance Board for break dancing; do yoga every day with Wii Yoga; keep up with my cardio when there’s too much snow outside to bike.

    Healthy living has never been such a hot topic in our lives, and for good reason. Many of us need to drive cars to work or sit at office desks all day. We can eat as healthy as we can, but good health is a balance between diet and exercise.

    Nintendo has addressed this cultural change with the Wii Fit which has made fitness accessible to the masses. It really doesn’t get easier than this, and the rest is up to us.

  46. As mentioned in the post, all comments must be received by 9pm PT on June 6th, 2008. Commenting is officially closed and further entry attempts are subject to deletion. Winner to be announced this week!

  47. I just came across this site doing some research on the wii fit…i don’t know if you have given it away yet…but I am interning at a hospital this summer as an occupational therapy student. I have been trying to find a wii fit for an inservice that I need to do. i will be presenting on the wii fit and how much it can help with therapy. In the hospital we see so many patients who need help to regain function in extremities in order to become more independent in activities of daily living. This product would be great to help people who have balance problems. Rather than doing some mindless activity such as walking…this could help by engaging them in fun activities while they are involved in therapy. I have been trying to find one of these products to leave at the hospital when I leave

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