Live from South Florida it’s Saturday Night

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

On July 18 it’s going to be live chiropractic from South Florida on a Saturday night. I received a Facebook invite today from chiropractor Paula Hedglon regarding a Saturday night event taking place in Fort Lauderdale. Chiropractors in Florida have always impressed me with their spirit of community mindedness both inside and outside the industry of chiropractic. All chiropractors in the South Florida region should be attending these regular events.

Armand Rossi , D.C.(photo: Florida chiropractor Armand Rossi)

I had to go into the planet chiropractic photo archives to locate images from the last time I attended a Saturday Night Live chiropractic meeting in the state of Florida. That’s Dr. Armand Rossi in the photo, a long time chiropractic warrior, and educator for the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

It’s been about nine years since my last chiropractic SNL (I even posted news about it), and even though I live 3000 miles away, I’m feeling that’s way too long. Sometimes chiropractors have to pick up and get out of their daily routine and consider visiting friends and family living and practicing in other parts of the country. I love when traveling chiropractors come to visit me while in California.

If traveling 3000 miles to hang out with other chiropractors is too much of an effort, thing about hanging out with the chiropractors in your own community. The Florida Chiropractic Society and the regular Saturday night events that take place in that state are not the only philosophical chiropractic events taking place across the nation. There is a focus chiropractic philosophy weekend taking place on Saturday, August 8, which is hosted by Pennsylvania chiropractor Sharon Gorman.

Even in Southern California there’s opportunity to attend philosophically centered chiropractic events. The DCS is hosting events in Orange County on a monthly basis, and sometimes even Miami chiropractors like Joe Accurso are invited to speak in the Southland. You can usually tell the Miami chiropractors from the SoCal chiropractors since the folks from Miami tend to wear lots of white. Your Southern California chiropractors will be in flip-flops, T-shirts and shorts.

Okay, if you’re in Florida make some plans this summer to hang out with chiropractors like Edwin Cordero, Paula Hedglon, Marilyn Shore and many others at events like the Saturday night meeting being hosted in South Florida. The July 18 event is held at the Hyatt Place behind the Outback Steakhouse and gets started at 7:30 PM. Visit the FSNL Facebook page for more details.

If you’re in Pennsylvania or Southern California think about the other options you have available. If you’re practicing chiropractic in another state and seeking a group for chiropractic fellowship, feel free to e-mail me and let’s find out what’s taking place chiropracticaly in your part of the world. @ 8:58 pm | Article ID: 1247111929