Chiropractic Knowledge Is Power

By Dr. Jim Dubel

One of the points in my career that helped me to take a major step forward in my practice and personal life happened while reading one of B.J. Palmer’s Green Books. I have always heard most of the “on purpose” chiropractors like Dr. Sid Williams or Dr. Jim Sigafoose talking about the invaluable information B.J. Palmer had bestowed upon using his numerous writings. So, I began collecting and reading anything I could get my hands on that B.J. Palmer wrote. I find it amazing that B.J. is still 100 years ahead of his time in his philosophy and understanding of chiropractic.

In one of the volumes B.J. Palmer said “subluxation is the cause of all dis-ease”. This is the big idea! I imagine I struggled like so many of us for many years trying to believe and understand exactly what that meant. It seems so simple and yet so complex. We in chiropractic suffer from simplicity. Who really knows that the subluxation is the cause of all dis-ease, B.J. Palmer did and I suspect that the rest of us are working on it. Perhaps some chiropractors who do not know or only partially believe in the principle want to complicate our philosophy to hide the fact that they do not have the big idea!

The day that I accepted the chiropractic principle in full faith and began telling the chiropractic story without reservation was the day my life changed. By telling the truth to my patients and friends, not only did my practice grow, but I grew spiritually and emotionally. In the past, I worried what people thought of me and I was afraid to be thought of as different. I wanted to fit in like all the other “real” doctors. In essence, I was giving up and lying not only to myself but to all I came in contact with..

In B.J.’s Green Books I found strength. He never watered down the truth. He was not afraid too philosophize about life and about how chiropractic enhanced it. As BJ was fond of saying “keep on keeping on”, read and believe and then you get to know.

When, and if, it is possible for chiropractors to dispense with the junk and concentrate on chiropractic, he/she will have a power that is beyond understanding. If subluxation prevents innate from carrying on its normal functions, dis-ease occurs and well people get sick. If the subluxation is removed and innate is able to flow, health is restored. This can be accomplished anywhere, at any time, without communicating by language or considering external variables of people. This IS the big idea! It is a God-given service person-to-person.

Once we understand and can allow ourselves to tell the truth in an uninhibited way, we can break free of the bondage that has kept us captive and made us fearful of what other people might thing. The truth can never change. It is always the truth and will always remain the truth. By removing subluxations we are able to release life energy that controls, maintains, and re-creates every cell in the body. What an exciting thought… that the power is in our hands to restore health to the sick and give hope to the suffering who previously had none.

With the knowledge of what chiropractic is capable of accomplishing we are armed with an inexhaustible arsenal. No other Doctor from any health care profession has the ability to aid in the restoration of life. We need no other implements or concoctions to achieve the magnificent result of health. We need only knowledge of where the subluxation is, how to remove it, and most importantly, what is being removed. With this simple information and the art of adjustment we are able to unlock potential that has been pent up by subluxation.

Once you can understand and can explain the truth, your life and your practice will be enhanced. I have read and re-read all of B.J.’s Green Books and each time I re-read one I find a point that I have not gotten before. The same is true for attending philosophy sessions or meetings. Each time you hear a chiropractic philosophy speaker you take home a little bit greater understanding of what we have. I believe all of us can, and will, continue growing in our knowledge and understanding of the chiropractic principle by reading and listening to philosophy.

There is within each individual, one common intelligence, which conceives, develops, gives birth, produces and reproduces, performs life functions within each, in common, always alike, to all alike.

“Someday, people will learn that material things do not bring happiness and are of little use in making men and women creative and powerful. Then the scientists will turn their Laboratories over to the study of God and prayer and spiritual forces which, as yet, have hardly been scratched. When this day comes, the world will see more advancement in one generation that has in the last four.” — Dr. Charles Steinmetz.

If chiropractic works, it works every time without exception. If chiropractic does not work, then it has never worked and will never work. We know that it works 100 percent of the time, all the time. This is the truth! If even one person has received help from a chiropractic adjustment, then we have all the proof required.

In contrast, medicine guesses with each prescription and has changed many times in its approach toward health care. Over the years medicine has contradicted itself on almost every chemical cure it is administered. In all its years, it has not cured even one disease process.

Chiropractic in its entire life span of 108 years has never changed. The removal of vertebral subluxation, by hand only, to restore normal nerve flow from the brain above to the body below, remains the same. Chiropractic will never change! The truth cannot change! It is a law.

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