Better Late Than Never

by Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Well I don’t know if that is the greatest name for a Monday Morning Message but that pretty much sums it up. We are in the midst of Chiropractic Screening Season here in the North East and apparently all of my energy is being sopped up by new patients. I try to wait until the great spirit moves me to write these messages and sometimes it takes me longer than other times yet I don’t want to push out a message I want it to flow through me. Well I’m flowing again so here I go.

The other day in the practice we had a new patient. We have all had people like this I’m sure, especially from screenings. She came in talking about what she expected to get for nothing and that she wanted to make sure she was never going to owe us anything. We assured her that a deal is a deal and told her what she was entitled to. Before I even met her the CA’s pulled me aside to warn me about her attitude. I welcomed their warning. I always want to know as much as I can about someone before I take care of them. They were sucked into her negativity. They didn’t like anything about her already and they were actually making fun of her to me more than merely reporting about her attitude. They were convinced that we would never see her again and thought it was funny how stupid she sounded at the front desk.

I then met her. Turns out she is in terrific pain and she has been for over two years and has been everywhere. I can see the pain in her face. I felt sorry for her. She had such a harsh exterior and she was a wounded child. She then repeated her concern about the money and I went over our procedure and about how she would be expected to attend a new patient Orientation at which time I would discuss with her a care plan and a financial agreement. She then came out and asked me how much a visit cost. I was afraid she might get sticker shock since I had heard what she was saying and since she had told me she had been out of work since these symptoms had begun. To my amazement she said “No Problem.”

Monday night she was at Orientation and kept us overtime because she had to tell all the patients how she has had the first relief she had in years and told them who she was going to refer and telling them that they should be referring too. I remember before I went in to see her I had this thought flash, a cliché popped into my head. It was “see the God in everyone.” See the God in everyone.

Even if the patient I’ve been talking about turns out not to be a “good” patient I’m still glad I had this thought before I went into that room because she deserved me to give her everything. I had not filtered through the prejudices that sometimes cloud my connection with people.

See the God in everyone!

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