Letting Go and Letting your Chiropractic Life Grow

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

When I get too caught up in how things turn out, I need to look at that as a symptom. Of course I want all things to turn out well and everyone to live happily ever after (especially myself) but that is not reality. Things turn out the way they turn out. I am not in control of the world or even my little world. There is a power greater than myself and it’s not me. I sometimes get frustrated and self doubting if things don’t work out the way “I” think they should. If the reason that I think they didn’t work out turns out to be because of something someone else did then I have a tendency to feel like a victim. All these feelings discourage me and scare me from making decisions that are going to effect my future. If you think about it, all decisions effect your future one way or another.

I sometimes tell patients that I deal in causes, not effects. In other words I move the bone and God does the healing, or not. The “or not” can depend on a lot of factors. You might be thinking limitations of matter yet there are many more. Does the person want to get well? Are they willing to do what has to be done to get well? etc. etc. etc. I know if I remove the nerve interference then they have a greater potential to heal. Removing nerve interference is an action. How the person’s body will respond is an another action. I have to make sure I know how to do what I say I do, which is deliver an adjustment and then I need to let go. Sometimes it is hard to let go. I want so bad for the patients to get well.

I want so bad for my life and the people who I love lives to turn out absolutely perfectly. That even sounds funny as I read it back. What is perfect? It actually sounds boring. Just like life would be if everything turned out exactly the way that I wanted it to. How would I learn to get to be a better person? Sure I could have done without a few episodes I had to live through in my life, yet many turned out better than my wildest dreams could have predicted. I need to surrender the control. I don’t really have it anyway. It is an illusion. When I truly give that up, I can finally relax and give it over to God. I can allow life to occur the way that it is going to occur anyway. I can take a deep breath, let it out, and get up and play the game of life instead of trudging through it. I can feel safe in God’s love. I don’t use this an excuse not to do the things that I think will make my life work out the best, or learn my mistakes, yet I can go forth with certainty and conviction knowing that I am attempting to know God’s will for me and I am doing my best to live that will. Will everything work out the best if I do that? It will work out the way it works out, period. I have just got to worry about how I act and the decisions I make and then I can live with myself and ultimately the way that things work out even if they don’t work out the way I envisioned.

Have a blessed day and remember after today is gone you don’t get to live it again, so use it well.

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