Is it any Different?

By Kathi Handt

Many of us can look back to when we were in Chiropractic school in the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and remember what it was like. There were lots of science courses, more science courses, and then some more. Thrown into the mix were the chiropractic courses, which, very often, didn’t begin early on in our education. Clinic was almost an afterthought and philosophy, in many schools, was virtually non-existent. How is it, then, that there are so many good, successful, philosophical Chiropractors out there serving the people and changing their lives?

For many of us, our learning came from outside the traditional classroom. We attended private classes, held by principled Chiropractors who were thrown out of the school for teaching philosophy. We went to weekly philosophy meetings. Many were on Saturday nights. Many were far from our home, but we traveled to hear the story! Great Chiropractors always gave of their time to be sure that the true Chiropractic story was told, that the philosophy, that was so desperately needed by the students (as well as D.C.’) was discussed, and to create a fellowship, a bond that would keep us strong in our beliefs so that we could, in turn, pass it on to others.

We heard from Chiropractors who had been jailed for “practicing medicine without a license.” We heard from Chiropractors who defied state boards and advertised the truth about Chiropractic in newspapers and on the radio. We heard from Chiropractors who saw masses of people. They gave for the sake of giving, served for the sake of serving and loved for the sake of loving. There is a saying, “Do what you love and the money will follow.” These Chiropractors served, and the universe provided them abundantly. We heard many times that they were doing what they loved and even better than that, they were getting paid for it!

Years have gone by, but the story really hasn’t changed. There is still not enough philosophy taught in the schools. There are students that have gone through their first year of Chiropractic College and really don’t know WHY they are becoming Chiropractors. They are learning the sciences and the research that’s been done to prove that what we do works. WE KNOW IT WORKS! IT HASN’T CHANGED IN ALL THE YEARS! IT’S A PRINCIPLE, A TRUTH! They don’t get that there is a mind-body-spirit connection. They don’t understand that there is “a universal intelligence in all matter that continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.” They don’t understand that “the power that made the body heals the body.” They don’t understand that we have in our possession a sacred trust that we must guard well! These students are graduating and starting their practices without ever really knowing the truth about Chiropractic!

We, at New Beginnings, are committed to passing on the principles, the philosophy that has been passed down to us. We have created a fellowship of Chiropractors. When you come to New Beginnings, you will receive much more than philosophy. The many speakers will bring this philosophy into these new times and explain how you all can have thriving practices and be successful, not just monetarily but also in a more subtle and more important way, from a deep down knowing that what you’re doing is right. And most of all, it is a weekend of being together in a loving, supportive, high-energy environment that will send you soaring back to your practices or schools with more excitement than you can ever imagine! Be open to what you don’t know. Be open to hear what successful principled Chiropractors have to say. Understand why you were chosen to be a Chiropractor!

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Expand your mind, expand your philosophy and expand your practice. The next New Beginnings meeting is on October 23rd – 26th.
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