Step #16 to a Hundred a Day

By Dr. Rick Wren

Step #16 to a Hundred a Day is actually Advanced Success Principle #6 (Use precision adjusting with high energy). This is a difficult concept for new practitioners. We graduate from Chiropractic College thinking that an adjustment doesn’t compare to medical surgery in value. So we think that we have to move every bone they have to make the visit valuable.

Back in 1997 I went on the first mission to Panama with Jim Sigafoose and seventeen other Chiropractors. In six days the 19 of us adjusted over 46,000 people. The greatest lesson I learned on that trip is the less you adjust, the more miracles you will see. The Chiropractors that adjusted only C1 and C2 were the only ones to see miracles in six days. The Chiropractors who insisted on adjusting more including extremities, saw no miracles. The less you adjust, the more energy goes into each adjustment.

I get ten times better results now, than 22 years ago, when I use to adjust all 24 vertebrae if possible. I now adjust C1 and C2 only for 10 to 50 visits. Once they are holding well, I then graduate to another area if necessary.

For those of you that concentrate on Basic Neuroanatomy, this will drive you crazy. This reminds me of a patient named Doris. She had been to five different doctors for her severely numb feet that she had for five years. Her feet were so numb that she could not feel socks or shoes on her feet. Every time I adjusted her C1 and C2, she would get up off the table and look at me and say “Dr. Wren it is my feet, not my neck.” All other five doctors were treating her numb feet with shots and pills and some Chiropractors would be adjusting her feet. I would look at her and say “Doris we have to get more electricity to your feet for your feet to get better.” She would look at me with confused eyes and walk out. She would say the same thing every visit. Thankfully, on about her 6th visit she came in with a huge smile and said “I can feel my socks on my feet for the first time in 5 years.” Then I said “Doris, I never touched your feet.”

Some of you will never be able to back off your 24 bone adjustments. For those of you that want to have more fun and get better results, adjust less.

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LLL, Dr. Rick Wren ( Founder of the Society of Chiropractic Masters and Parker Team Teacher) @ 11:47 am | Article ID: 1039117653