By Sid Mouk, D.C.

“The Main Thing is to Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing!”
-The Spinal Subluxation-

The title of this article is a quote by Lee Iacocca that could well apply to the Chiropractic profession. The main thing in Chiropractic is and always will be the SPINAL SUBLUXATION! It is the only thing in this profession that is wholly unique and, at the present time, is ours and ours alone (physical therapy has already been spoken for, the use of prescription drugs has already been spoken for, acupuncture has already been spoken for, and even nutrition has already been spoken for)… but the Spinal Subluxation is still our “chicken sandwich”. We would be wise in this profession to maintain our focus totally and completely on this Healing entity. It matters little whether some of those in the fields of health research (both in medicine and in chiropractic) tell us it doesn’t exist and/or that it’s impossible for it to happen… we in Chiropractic have all seen the incredibly powerful healing results of correcting this entity and we know that it not only exists but is the single major cause of dis-ease and disease in the physical body. If correcting the subluxation produces such incredible clinical results and these results are repeatable throughout this profession (and have been for more than 100 years), then it has to be something that can be proven by scientific research.

spine above down

Dr. Ted Morter, developer of B.E.S.T. (Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique) technique (an effective method of correcting the subluxation using a form of energy balancing with the hands instead of direct adjustment of the spine), was challenged several years ago by the Texas Board of Examiners to prove that B.E.S.T. actually did correct the spinal subluxation. And they, in their great wisdom, were prepared to outlaw the practice of this technique in their state if it could not be proven “scientifically?” (it’s amazing the things we DCs do to each other). Dr. Morter had developed B.E.S.T. over the years by systematic trial & error until it produced the result he was seeking, correction of the spinal subluxation, and now he had to prove it other than clinically. So he took a week off from practice and teaching and hunkered down with the latest edition of Guyton’s Physiology attempting to correlate his clinical results with Guyton’s scientific research regarding the function of the human body, especially the nervous system. He knew that B.E.S.T. worked in the field and that the results were repeatable (which can also be said for all major techniques in Chiropractic) and, since it was repeatable, it had to be able to be proven from a scientific standpoint. What he found during that week astonished him. As he put it, “I began to think that Guyton had attended my seminars and taken my notes to put in his textbook” Dr. Morter was able to trace each nerve tract and pathway utilized in producing the clinical results he was seeing in his practice. In other words, he found that Guyton (a well respected and well known physiologist) had already “scientifically” proven the clinical results Chiropractic has been producing all these years. Needless to say, when these results were sent to the Texas board, they quietly decided to allow B.E.S.T. to continue to be practiced in their state.

The main thing in Chiropractic is and always will be the Spinal Subluxation. Without it Chiropractic has no reason to continue to exist as a profession. It’s our “chicken sandwich” and we would be wise to embrace it, to study the subluxation thoroughly and totally… and the correction of this entity (on all levels), and to passionately spread the word of it’s existence throughout this planet. Suffering humanity deserves no less and we in Chiropractic have been given the honor of doing this.

And then we can all do as Sharon Gorman so simply and eloquently puts it, “Take the bone off the nerve and get out of the way so God can do the Healing”! Clinically and Scientifically! @ 12:33 pm | Article ID: 1064864006