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The information below has been provided by the Connecticut Chiropractic Council. It is being posted here to Planet Chiropractic in an effort to get more chiropractors worldwide informed as to what’s happening in the state of Connecticut. There is a PDF file at the end of this post which is available for download. The PDF as more information as to how you can help support the Connecticut Chiropractic Council and their efforts.

Connecticut Chiropractic Council LogoAs some of you may already know, the Connecticut Chiropractic Council received a letter from American Specialty Health Networks, Inc. (ASH), alleging that the CCC has been involved in improper activities aimed at undermining ASH’s recruitment of DC’s under its service contract with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. In addition, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has advised the CCC that it has commenced an investigation into the same or similar subject matter. We do not know whether the investigation is a result of a complaint by ASH. In any event, the FTC has already made a request for the CCC, and some of the CCC’s members, to provide the FTC with a significant amount of documents and information regarding ASH’s campaign in Connecticut.

While the CCC denies the allegations made by ASH and does not believe that it has engaged in any wrongdoing, it has become necessary to raise money quickly to pay for the CCC’s legal fees so that it can protect the interests of the CCC and its members. Please send your contributions to the CCC’s Executive Director, Tom Paterna. If you have any questions, call Tom at (203) 410-1692.

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