Parents Sending Kids to the Chiropractor

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

An article in today’s Reuters Health news suggests that an increased number of parents are bringing their kids to “alternative practitioners”, such as chiropractors, in increasing numbers.

According to the article, almost one in 10 parents surveyed allowed their child to visit a provider such as a chiropractor. It was also noted that more than 80 percent of the parents were somewhat or very satisfied with their child’s most recent experience with what was called “alternative medicine” and 86 percent considered the “therapies” to be somewhat or very helpful. A whopping 90 percent said they would be willing to use an alternative approach for their children in the future.

As has been documented in other studies, only two-thirds of the parents informed their child’s physician that they were going the alternative route. Medical providers have expressed a concern over drug interactions with remedies given by other providers.

According to the article, popular approaches besides chiropractic included the use of vitamins, herbal remedies, spiritual healing and or prayer.

It was reported that the use of alternatives was twice as common among children with chronic illness than it was among their healthy peers. The most common conditions seen included respiratory illnesses, strains and sprains, allergies, digestive problems and ear infections. It was also noted that 12 percent of children were using the alternative approach as a method of disease prevention.

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