The Subluxation Epidemic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

This weeks issue of Newsweek features an article about the “epidemic” of allergies that is affecting the developed worlds children.

In the first sentence, the author suggests that if a popular magazine had run a children’s health issue article a hundred years ago the article may have been about some external threat such as diphtheria. Today, the article is in regards to an inside concern. They are getting closer to the cause.

Some of the leading challenges of the next century reportedly involve how to address problems like an immune system that is out of sync with its surroundings. A dictionary definition of the immune system reads: A complex system that is responsible for distinguishing us from everything foreign to us, and for protecting us against infections and foreign substances. The immune system works to seek and kill invaders.

The immune system is described as a complex system but no mention is made as to where it is located. Have you ever seen an immune system? Can you dissect it from a cadaver? The reality is that the immune system is an integrated system which is controlled and coordinated by the nervous system.

“Out of Sync” is certainly the correct term to use. The emotional, chemical (environmental) and physical stresses our children are exposed to increase their risk of vertebral subluxation. Subluxations that are left uncorrected will result in spinal stress and an individual that is “out of sync.”

Don’t blame genetics. A doctor quoted in the article stated, “The human race hasn’t changed that much genetically in the last 200 years.” It is assumed that something must have changed in the environment. The human immune system evolves in a natural environment and according to the article, does not do well in the modern day artificial and antiseptic world. Research is showing that a child may be better off with a moderate exposure to bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other bugs. In fact, research has shown that kids who grow up with dogs and cats are less likely to not only have allergies to those animals, they are likely to have less other allergies as well.

The wrong approach. Loading kids up with drugs, pills, potions, vaccines, and lotions is not the way to go. Drug companies are in the process of creating numerous vaccines for allergy related conditions. That’s an outside-in approach and it goes against the design of how the immune system functions. Less things artificial (from the outside) is best. A key bit of advice was for mothers to breast-feed infants exclusively for six months. That’s a far more natural and apparently beneficial approach.

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