Twitter Mentions in News

By Daria Belov

So all of a sudden Twitter is everywhere. Not really, but with Oprah now on Twitter and Ashton Kutcher battling CNN for followers, it seems as though it’s only a matter of time before my parents appear with accounts of their own. Earlier today Dr. Michael Dorausch posted on Twitter Blog Mentions and I thought there was a lot more tweet related posts than I had recalled. Since it’s the weekend, and I only have one other news report due before Monday, I figured I’d investigate Twitter Mentions in the news. Here’s what I found.

I performed the most simple of searches, limiting myself to articles that included the term Twitter in them. More than 21 articles were returned, more than I would have expected for a Chiropractic News site. But heh, we cover the tech stuff in news too, or at least use the tools of tech to deliver the message of chiropractic to all that will read, listen, or scrape.

DP Chiropractic - Twitter T-Shirt(photo: someone wearing a twitter profile on t-shirt)

I’m not going to summarize all 21+ articles, rather I’ll the ones I found significant and highlight them here. 2009 Best Super Bowl Commercials was a good example of twitter being used during the Superbowl, since chiropractors used the service to DM messages with their picks for favorite commercials airing during the game.

The 2009 Pasadena Marathon & Bike Tour was another good example, since it was the first marathon we covered that showed significant tweeting coming from the race location. Dr. Dorausch covered that topic in greater detail with news from the race in Pasadena. Twitter Search Brings Local Marathon Online included TweetDeck screenshots featuring many tweets from the 26.2 mile race. We got to see that some loved the race, some didn’t, and some felt it was a pain in the rear.

Chiropractor Thoughts Across the Universe is old news now but still worth a visit. It’s missing screenshots and fancy graphics but in it I captured 15 random messages people had posted that day regarding chiropractic care and visiting their chiropractors.

Twitter Ice Advice for Ankle Sprains is a much more recent twitter related article, which features images of peoples responses to a question regarding using ice vs. heat for ankle sprains. It’s a great example of unique content creation utilizing twitter as a source for gathered information.

Random Chiropractor Twitter Thoughts is fairly recent as well, with thoughts from a chiropractor regarding the use of twitter, and several of the associated topics that have been covered to date (sort of what I’m doing now I suppose).

Life University Live on Twitter is the social media chiropractic post that I absolutely love most. There’s no spam, no junk in the stream, nothing but passionate chiropractors and students (and faculty as well) messaging up a storm while a vitalism conference took place at Life University in Atlanta Georgia. It was referred to as history in the making and I have to agree. It’s the first chiropractic conference I can recall where a significant group of individuals consistently tweeted valuable messages from the conference floor. An activity not at all uncommon at social media and seo conferences, but having the events take place during a chiropractic seminar, says something about the people attending the event at Life University in Marietta.

I’m looking forward to more chiropractic tweets! @ 8:41 pm | Article ID: 1240112529