Chiropractor Thoughts Across the Universe

By Daria Belov

Terms like social media and Web 2.0 are some of the most overused phrases being passed across the Internetz, as people try to grab a grip of understanding, and explain the phenomenon to others, regarding the millions of seemingly meaningless discussions and often times one-way conversations, taking place on the web today. Following up on yesterday’s blog post by Dr. Michael Dorausch regarding someone’s first chiropractic appt I scanned vast databases of human conversation, in search of some sort of relevance that could be applied to chiropractic.

We’ve already established that millions are engaged in conversations across the Web, with services like Twitter providing us to follow people from all over the globe, and tune in to what they are doing. Someone may be celebrating their dog’s birthday, having chocolate chip cookies for lunch, or tuned in to share that they just liked 5 miles to the bank to deposit a cashier’s check. Whatever it is they’re doing, there’s a lot of it going on, and in the chaos of the net, it would likely appear as a meaningless mix of mumbo-jumbo, until we tune in and filter out the noise.

what are you doing?What if that person celebrating their dog’s birthday was taking it to the chiropractor for its first adjustment? And the person going to the bank, what if they messaged that they were in their chiropractors reception area, when sending that message? The point is people are clicking, tapping, and talking on mobile devices all over, and communicating from their home computers, work computers, and even laptops. How do you know they’re not talking about you?

Before you shake this off as something likely not very interesting (that mumbo-jumbo of meaningless information), let’s take a look at several one-way conversations that took place during the past 24 hours or so, that involved a single term: chiropractor.

Some of these messages were received as recently as two minutes ago (while preparing this article) and some are as old as 16 hours. The messages have been filtered out from a ginormous database of discussions taking place. Each message is on a line of its own. Let’s take a look…

1) Off to the chiropractor. Maybe he can cure my cold!
2) At the chiropractor…my back is jacked up!
3) Just visited my chiropractor for some work on neck and back – hope this helps. Also going to try acupuncture for the 1st time next week
4) off to chiropractor!
5) so, my boss’s boss goes to a chiropractor for “carpal tunnel”; she gives me grief for being in pain and being incapable of sitting still.
6) chiropractor: (n.) Someone you pay to be a pain in the neck.
7) I wonder if chiropractor’s ever say, “Oh Snap!”…?
8) my chiropractor thinks the dysmotility is a result of my back injury.
9) An unheralded member of Team Pemba is Brad’s chiropractor. Today in particular we wish to thank him.
10) Wondering whether it was the Claritin or the chiropractor that made me so thirsty. Drank a liter of water on my way into work.
11) Chiropractor today! I can’t wait!!
12) just finished feeding JD and now have a few minutes before I go to the chiropractor! Back is really bothering the past few days!
13) To call the chiropractor a snake oil salesman would be making her sound too noble. I’ll blog about it later–crazy. And my hand is still numb.
14) Four clients plus a trip to the chiropractor equals lots of driving today.
15) Loving my chiropractor!

That’s 15 messages in all, and there is a lot I think can be learned from them. In reality, they represent a tiny microcosm of the thoughts people are having about their chiropractors worldwide. The first one is thinking about something other than back pain, and the second one is thinking only about their back pain. Number 3 is considering acupuncture for the first time and #4 just wants us to know where they are going. There is a concern about work, two messages from comedians, someone having questions about medications and chiropractic, someone in great anticipation of their visit, someone not happy at all (and planning to write about it) with their chiropractic experience, someone driving, and someone in love… with their chiropractic care.

The messages will mean different things to different people, so I don’t want to overanalyze them. Best to simply read through them objectively and view them as they snapshot of conversation in time. 15 thoughts on chiropractors for June 18, 2008. @ 2:11 pm | Article ID: 1213823533