Twitter Mentions in News

So all of a sudden Twitter is everywhere. Not really, but with Oprah now on Twitter and Ashton Kutcher battling CNN for followers, it seems as though it’s only a matter of time before my parents appear with accounts of their own. Earlier today Dr. Michael Dorausch posted on Twitter Blog Mentions and I thought there was a lot more tweet related posts than I had recalled. Since it’s the weekend, and I only have one other news report due before Monday, I figured I’d investigate Twitter Mentions in the news. Here’s what I found.

Twitter Search Brings Local Marathon Online

There’s been much discussion the past few weeks regarding the micro blogging service Twitter as a real time search engine. While the debate continues (I say it’s a human powered search help tool) I’ll keep “searching” the real-time events I’m interested in. For me, Twitter has become the first place I go to find the latest up to date information, and a runners marathon in Pasadena, CA, provides an excellent localized example, of why I love it so much.

Random Chiropractor Twitter Thoughts

I was shown a reminder this past weekend that a great majority of people visiting Planet Chiropractic have likely never heard of the micro blogging service known as Twitter. For some that may seem hard to believe, but it’s a reality, as real as people not knowing about subluxation and principles of healing. Like learning chiropractic principles, understanding Twitter takes time, but in my opinion it’s worth the effort.

Twitter Ice Advice for Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains, they are not fun, yet nearly everyone of us has experienced them at one time or another. Being a chiropractor, questions about joint sprains like ankle injuries is something I experience on a daily basis. Having an office so close to the beach, running in the sand and playing volleyball (also in the sand) are two of the most common sports related to ankle sprains I see in my chiropractic office. “Should I put ice on it or heat?” Is the question I get asked by nearly everyone with a sprain. Today out of curiosity, I thought I would ask That question on Twitter (Follow Me Here).

Motrin Mom Campaign Major Fail in Twitterverse

There’s been a firestorm of discussion going on today related to a new video campaign by the makers of Motrin. Going to be one hell of a week for those in the reputation management department at Johnson & Johnson, the makers of Motrin. I’m not getting into the Motrin Mom campaign discussion here, visit the blog for my thoughts on the campaign and major headache side effects.