Twitter Blog Mentions To Date

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Now that Oprah and Ashton Kutcher are talking about Twitter, I guess more people are going to be increasingly getting in on the conversation. I wasn’t sure when I first started mentioning the microblogging service on Chiropractic Blogs so I did some searching through the archives.

Looks like I first made mention of the service on November 4th of 2007, in a post about the 1 Second Film Project. I’d been using Twitter for a few months before that time, but I wasn’t too active in posting tweets. It was the BarCamp 4 Los Angeles event in November where I came face to face with 100+ other Twitter users, that weekend changed my perspective and attitude regarding 140 character potentials.


I had another twitter account (created sometime in 2006) but sometime around November 07  I switched to the @chiropractic account. That’s been my primary account since. There’s a Twitter account for this blog but I’d have to search for it since I’ve not checked it in a while.

OK, not that you care, but after those dates of Nov 07 I found the following posts in my Twitter search…

Cell Phone Use in the Office – Wow, back in 2007 people were using Twitter in my office, we’ve got a bunch of tech nerds in Los Angeles (that is for sure). Funny enough, we have totally abandoned the Cell Phone Policy in our practice, mostly because almost nobody talks on their phone while in the office (they know better). Today, I’ll walk into an adjusting room and someone will be tweeting away, checking email on their Blackberry Storm, of playing with some iPhone App. I’d say they should be relaxing but I’d likely be doing the same if the situation were reversed.

Blogging SOAP Note Taking Laptop Stations – SOAP notes are notes chiropractors make on charts (or computer screens) when seeing patients. Back in December of 2007 I mentioned I don’t include subluxation information in my tweets, and that’s still the case (mostly). Twitter for me has 1) been a way to communicate with friends in search and social media 2) been a way to share meaningless stuff 3) follow what’s going on around the globe.

Chicago Airport WiFi not Free – Who knew that wifi at Midway Airport in Chicago wasn’t free? I don’t think it is still, since I recently got a meesage from someone saying thanks for the post, since they couldn’t locate Free WiFi in the airport either.

Running to Blow That Writer’s Block – A brief mention of Twitter in that post but it mostly talks about what a few of us do for clearing out writers block when it sets in. I did go running today and came home with great ideas for new posts. I love that feeling.

Following Twitter Tweets Beyond 10 Pages – The tutorial and information in that post from January 2008 is basically useless since Twitter has updated page design which includes a “more” button at the bottom of the page. A much better user experience thanks to the change.

Marketing after 30 Seconds of Superbowl Fame – This Feb 2008 post was a great example of twitter in use for me. I got help from several respected SEO experts on the topic of personal brand marketing related to the superbowl.

Nerds Are Taking over Hollywood and Santa Monica – There was a news reporter in Los Angeles that predicted Santa Monica would grow as a tech community, he was dead on in his prediction and timing. Not too much Twitter discussion in the post, merely a brief mention, along with other tech tools I’ve used over the years.

Blogging is the way to get traffic to my site – Don’t read that post if you’re an Internet Marketer, it’s stuff that’s way basic and you already know it. Only mentioned Twitter once while doing an interview with Andrew Warner, the post is a transcribed portion of the interview.

Going to be more press in upcoming weeks – Anyone that thinks Twitter is a waste of time is going to fail on trying to get that message through to me. A single simple tweet made in early 2008 resulted in a full page USA Today story for my ADIO Chiropractic office in Los Angeles. That was a MONEY day for sure.

Business Card Karma May 2008 – Almost zero business cards in my home office now since everything that comes through the door gets scanned and saved digitally. Mention of twitter only because I wanted my next business card to include a twitter chiropractic profile on it.

Realtime results for Chiropractic on Twitter – By May 2008 we we’re getting a bit more involved in Twitter activity for blog posts. I began doing some address based testing about that time and a related post was made. Most information like what’s in the post has more value when it’s discovered than it does a year later, mostly due to algorith changes and changes in how Twitter functions.

first chiropractic appt ever was awesome – I love this about twitter (I loved it then and I love it now) since I get a glimpse into realworld discussions taking place worldwide. Whether the conversation be positive (in this case it is) or negative (amazingly rare) I get to see what’s going on globally. Very cool.

Blogging from the LA Auto Show – Again, brief mentions of twitter, but I don’t think I’d have been invited to the Auto Show in Los Angeles had it not been for the 140 character platform.

FLU SHOT Survey: Getting one? Got one? No plans to get shot? – A very interesting tweet for sure. I didn’t ask a group of chiropractors (very few chiropractors were active on twitter at this time), I asked in general and got back some interesting results. Notice we heard hardly anything about the flu this year? It barely made the news amongst all the fear discussion of our nations economy. When the markets get good again, we can go back to pushing the poisons.

Potential Keyphrase Ranking with Twitter – This one was very interesting as I had some SEO ppl say it was worhtless to try and gain local knowledge regarding twitter. What? Worthless to test and see what kind of results come back? I don’t nearly talk about chiropractic as much as I could and I’ve had a number of conversions for chiropractors (either myself or others) via twitter. Interesting indeed, and some of the resulting pages ranked high on page #1 for months. Hmmmmmm, I likes it.

Ultimate Man Purse for Valentine’s Day – No twitter discussion here, just a mention regarding the service and spending our days using it. I’ve got one more post to link and then I’m out, I’m seeing a timeline of mentions but less posts that go into microblogging detail.

Constant Content Creation Drives Traffic – Several mentions of twitter in this post, Friday nigth and preparing for week of content creation ahead (did that again this weekend and it feels good). Create fresh content, use Twitter to get feedback from others, sprinkle your posts with love and good information, rinse and repeat.

I skipped a few posts but I honestly thought there would only be 5 or 6 tweet related posts made since 2007, I was mistaken.

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