Going to be more press in upcoming weeks

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

With all the tech related conferences I’ve been attending (and speaking at) these past few months, I’d begin to think that the smarts and energy of people like Chris Winfield at 10e20.com would begin rubbing off on me.

When your efforts begin manifesting themselves physically it’s a pretty neat feeling. Things begin to feel as if they are following along a well developed plan rather than a mumble jumble of organized chaos.

Thanks to Chris, there will be some upcoming news about this chiropractor, appearing in a print newspaper (and online) in the next week or so.

reporter with chiropractor Michael Dorausch

I’m not yet mentioning the name of the publication, but that shouldn’t be too tough for you to figure out. There is a number of people I hang out with that have been talking a considerable amount about getting press in the media, and they’ve been extremely helpful in assisting me whenever they can.

Just in the past month I’ve gotten ideas from or assistance from Nicole Jordan of the Rubicon Project, Neil Patel of Quick Sprout consulting and branding service, Andrew Warner of Mixergy.com, Elmer Thomas of thinkingserious.com, Brent Csutoras (thanks for the awesome steaks in Long Beach), and a number of others.

It’s great having friends that are so positive in their nature, all openly helping each other to move forward and succeed. Thanks everyone and expect to see a boat load of twitters from me, IMs from me, and e-mails from me, during the next week or two. Going to be a story to promote. 🙂

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  1. Thanks Andrew. With a little help from my friends there will be lots more in the weeks to come. It doesn’t happen by itself. Thanks for being there to help make things happen.

    PS: I’ll miss Lunch tomorrow at Yahoo! Photographers coming to office took priority.

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