Weekend of Recognition For Chiropractors

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

First of all, I’d like to recognize Dr. Billy Demoss and the entire DCS California Jam crew for pouring some gasoline on the flames of chiropractic passion in the state of California. California Jam 2009 date is already set for Saturday, March 7, 2009.

digital palpation of a persons neckBig shouts to all the chiropractors who took the time to post comments on Mondays chiropractic blog pages. We are only three weeks away from the first featured articles on local chiropractors.

I recognized some familiar names on the list of comments (but I’m expecting to see more) such as Santa Clarita Chiropractor Carolyn Griffin, Dr. Jeffrey Garofalo, Dr. Neil Stern, Dr. Michael Corey, Dr. Jeri Anderson, Dr. Luis Ocon (there is a 30 minute introduction to chiropractic in Spanish by Dr. Luis Ocon on the old-school media page), Dr. Mike DeNapoli, and Dr. Steven Hansen (who has a new chiropractic website (chiropracticelkgrove.com).

Shouts to those who wrote attendee testimonials (and here) regarding the DCS event.

Mega shouts to top in the US chiropractor, Dr. Michael Moore for the video he recently shared of a custom-built, from the ground up, brand spanking new chiropractic office taking root in Redding California. The place is gorgeous and I’m really hoping he’s going to share the video with Planet Chiropractic so we can get it posted to the news.

Shouts to Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlich for breaking records in his Santa Monica office, and serving so many patients. Shouts to his wife Candice for promoting chiropractic amongst wrestling communities.

If you have missed any news during the past 90 days, here are all the May archives, April archives, and March archives for 2008.

Got something to shout about? Send us an e-mail so we can spread the good news.

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