Miss Muscle Beach 1948 Receives 60 Year Anniversary Award

By Daria Belov

Muscle Beach in Venice California is the home to a yearly bodybuilding and fitness competition that takes place during the Labor Day weekend. Fitness, gymnastic, and bodybuilding related events have been taking place there since the 1930s. The original Muscle Beach was located just south of the Santa Monica pier, and now it’s along Ocean Front Walk, just north of Venice Boulevard. This past Labor Day, an Ironman sponsored event took place, and a local fitness enthusiast received an award celebrating 60 years since she held the title as Miss Muscle Beach.

Miss Muscle Beach 1948 with 60 year commemorative reward
Sara Clark (left) holds 60 year anniversary award along with blowup photo of her with 1948 trophy. A 2008 fitness contestant stands to her right.

Sara Clark was 17 years old in 1948. She was an active gymnast and spent many summer days on the Santa Monica Beach. That summer she entered a Muscle Beach fitness competition, taking home first prize, for her gymnastic abilities and lean muscular physique.

60 years later Sara received a commemorative award honoring her dedication to fitness and health. She continues to maintain a positive attitude and exercises regularly at a local gym in Los Angeles.

Video cameras were rolling when Sara gave a shout out to her chiropractor. She told the crowd that chiropractic care has played an important role in her life in helping to maintain optimal levels of fitness and keeping the “crinkles” in her spine to a minimum.

Asked about the fitness competitions, Sara replied that they were much different in her day. Her parents were apparently unhappy about the short and skimpy bathing suit she wore the competition, which was exceptionally modest compared to what contestants were wearing for the 2008 event. She also stated that you have to have significant gymnastic abilities to win such a competition, you couldn’t just look good. Skills such as stunts on balance bars, the rings, performing handstands, and cart wheels, were all standard fare for local fitness talent.

Congratulations to Sara and the Muscle Beach Venice community. The next Mr. and Mrs. Muscle Beach muscle and figure competition is expected to take place on the 4th of July, 2009.

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