December 2009 Chiropractor Career Report

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

December 2009 is on its way out and January 2010 is quickly approaching. While chiropractors throughout the world will take time off during the holidays, adjusting Santa Claus and family, the topic of chiropractor careers and chiropractic employment will be back in the forefront when the new year kicks in. Scanning chiropractic classifieds posted during the past week, I expected to see several related to associate positions and vacation coverage, but I didn’t realize there were so many work opportunities available for licensed doctors of chiropractic. In a single screenshot from a chiropractors classified advertising RSS feed, I noticed several offices that were hiring, along with a couple of individuals posting their availability to work as associates.

full-time chiropractic associate available
chiropractic careers and employment opportunities

The screen grab image above shows 10 different classifieds posted related to chiropractic employment. They were all posted within a three day period and I don’t expect ads for chiropractic clinics looking to hire associates to decrease anytime soon. Regardless of what is going on regarding news of the economy, in speaking to many chiropractors during the month of December, something I came away with was that many are looking to hire chiropractic associates to fill all sorts of positions in their facilities. Some chiropractors are hoping to enjoy more vacation time in 2010, putting vacation and locum coverage on their radar. Other chiropractors I spoke to are seeking to expand their clinics with additional doctors, with positions ranging from exam and report of findings chiropractors to those doing day-to-day adjustments. For the individual willing to work, there’s lots of opportunity in the field of chiropractic.

As it’s been for most of 2009, classified ad activity for chiropractors, has had a significant focus on jobs and employment. Even though finding chiropractic jobs via Planet Chiropractic has been available more than a decade now, 2009 has shown growth over 2008, which showed growth in online job discoveries over 2007.

In December of 2007 I put together a brief summary of chiropractic employment resources available on the site. Scanning through the information that was posted at that time, it appears as though most of the information remains pertinent to those in the job market for chiropractic healthcare.

The report on chiropractic salaries for those entering the field still holds true, regardless of where one chooses to practice. In the US, there are some income variables that come to play, especially for those doing auto injury care, Worker’s Compensation, or strong insurance based clinics. For example, the state of Colorado recently changed their reimbursements for chiropractic care related to automobile collisions. What was previously one of the poorest states for auto injury reimbursement, is now reportedly one of the better states in the nation, for receiving post car accident chiropractic care.

Wherever it is you have chosen to practice chiropractic in 2010, may you be successful in serving your community with the best chiropractic care there is to offer. @ 11:47 am | Article ID: 1260733646