Chiropractic Group Endorses Jerry Brown as Candidate for Attorney General

CCA Announces Endorsement of Jerry Brown Candidate for Attorney General
Fax received by the CCA on 09/29/06

The California Chiropractic Association is pleased to announce the endorsement of former Governor and mayor of Oakland candidate Jerry Brown for the office of Attorney General. Please help us elect Jerry Brown!

Jerry Brown for Attorney GeneralJerry Brown has been a long-standing friend and an extremely effective and staunch advocate to the profession of chiropractic. As Governor, Brown appointed a chiropractor to the state medical board, which caused a stir in the medical profession. In 1976, Governor Brown signed a bill to run an initiative establishing the Council on Chiropractic Education as an accrediting agency for the chiropractic colleges under the auspices of the California State Board of chiropractic examiners. In 1978, Brown signed another bill to allow for an initiative to permit cleanup language to the Chiropractic Initiative Act. Not surprisingly, the California Medical Association presented significant opposition, but Brown stood by the chiropractic profession.

In addition to the above, Brown continually reached out to the profession in very personal ways. He attended several chiropractic seminars and even pulled up in a limousine in San Diego where the CCA’s San Diego County district executive committee was having a meeting. The governor asked the doctors if he could join them, sat down and spent a few hours chatting and strategizing with the doctors. That is something almost unbelievable for a sitting governor to do!

Jerry is favored to win but you never know what will happen in the final weeks of a campaign! Jerry is running against Senator Chuck Poochigian. Senator Poochigian authored SB 899 (2004), the bill that “reformed” workers compensation into the problematic system we have today. To say the least, Senator Poochigian would not be good for our profession!

We only have six weeks until Election Day!

Between now and Election Day, you can do three simple things to help elect Jerry Brown as Attorney General:

1) Contribute NOW to his campaign by Friday, October 6th! Visit his web site and click on the give or donate links.

2) Get the word out to family, friends and patients to vote for Jerry Brown.

3) Vote for Jerry Brown for the office of Attorney General on Election Day.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this important election!
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