Parker Chiropractors Serve in Haiti and Dominican Republic

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Parker’s Dr. Fabrizio Mancini and Dr. Gilles Lamarche Serve in Haiti and Dominican Republic

DALLAS, Texas — Parker leaders, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, president of Parker College of Chiropractic, and Dr. Gilles Lamarche, vice president of Parker Seminars traveled to Haiti where they served the people in the earthquake devastated country. Demonstrating Parker’s dedication in spreading chiropractic worldwide, the two provided much needed care for the people in the destitute country.

Chiropractor Mancini Chiropractic Haiti
Chiropractor Fabrizio Mancini in Haiti

The trip was led by ChiroMission (CM) co-founders, Dr. Todd Herold, vice president and cultural liaison of CM, and Dr. JC Doornick, president of CM. The group included a team of 68 chiropractors, students, and volunteers. Dr. Doornick assembled a team of 11 and headed across the border from their entry point of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and began serving in Haiti.

“There is just no way to explain what the situation in Haiti is like at this time,” said Dr. Doornick. “It’s overpopulated, unsanitary, dangerous, desperate, and an overall mistreatment of human beings. However, still full of life and courage, I was so proud to be a human being and chiropractic servant and I know our presence and mission played an essential role in providing hope and better health.”

Meanwhile in Puerto Plata, Dr. Herold announced the coming aid through television and radio to prepare the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. Over the course of one week, the teams gave nearly 70,000 chiropractic adjustments.

During the trip, nearly $55,000 was raised by the doctors, their patients, and volunteers. Dr. Lamarche spearheaded 90 percent of the effort after visiting a dilapidated mosquito infested orphanage housing 25 children. Dr. Lamarche learned of the effort to move the children to safety and accommodate another 50 abandoned children with $30,000. Within three hours, Dr. Lamarche raised more than $30,000 and the construction had already begun. The team will see the completion of the safe house on their next trip in March 2010.

Chiropractor Lamarche Haiti
Chiropractor Gilles Lamarche in Haiti

“Dr. Gilles Lamarche walked the talk and primed the pump with a generous donation and about 15 ChiroMissionaries followed his shining example and chipped in from their own pockets and generosity,” said Dr. Herold.

The group also raised funds for food, clothing, and toy donations to people in the communities. In addition, notebooks, pencils, and other school supplies were distributed to local schools. Teachers that have been working for free will also now receive a monthly donated salary.

About ChiroMission: ChiroMission’s goal is to promote chiropractic and adjust people throughout the world, especially in third world countries where resources are so limited. They also cultivate students of chiropractic from those deprived areas so they may return to their countries and work in offices established by ChiroMission. They also raise necessary funds to help those in need reclaim their lives and gain a satisfactory standard of living.

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