Living Your Dreams

By Bruce A. Parker, D.C.

One of the greatest pleasures I have, is to work with positive and insightful people, who have as there business plan a focus on helping other people. The frustrating part of this scenario is that these same great people sometimes don’t have the knowledge or strategy that results in helping themselves.

Giving is a good thing, but it is within the laws of the universe that there must be reciprocation. If this law is violated then someone will ultimately get hurt. This is demonstrated everyday in your office or business. Very seldom does the complainer have a clear bill, show up on time or do what you ask with out a whine.

In opposition very seldom does the patient who is dedicated to achieving a positive result in your office arrive late, or miss a payment. Who are your chronic problem patients and clients, are they giving as hard as you are? There seems to be confusion as to what success really is. More money, bigger house, faster cars, better schools for our children, seeing a greater volume of patients? Are these words the definitions of success or are they badges of social redemption for strife, or are they simply an illusion?

I remember hearing a speaker on the podium saying that success is not the accumulation of things. Easy for them to say when they have all the things! Try being me (you may say). I’ll tell you what. give me your things, and then let’s see how happy you are.

Time and experience seem to be our best teachers, because I have learned that the statement has definitely proven correct for me, and it seems to get more correct with each passing day. Money is the by product of a service rendered. Money is not the reason to do anything. If it was being a drug dealer would have been a better vocational choice.

Abundant wealth is a score board of great service. Wealth is bestowed upon those that serve at the highest level; that is, being focused on how they will best benefit those they serve, rather than the immediate reward for the service.

So then in the world of success it has been proven time and time again that those lost in service seem to be the “lucky ones”, who stumble on the path to riches. Is it luck or universal order? How does a Bill Gates set a goal to make 60 billion dollars? I don’t think anybody could. I feel he never set a goal to accomplish something for direct personal gain. He saw a vision of every business with a personal computer on the desk, and he responded to that vision, that response ultimately netted him the 60 billion.

Would you be motivated to go to work everyday doing what you do now if you had a billion dollars in the bank? Is your vision about the benefit of a nation or is it about your personal comfort. Bill Gates goes to work everyday! In fact it has been said he sometimes doesn’t come out of his office for four days at a time. Totally being lost in doing what he does. Oh sure, the cynical say, but he has 60 billion dollars, he is having fun doing whatever he wants, “if I had that kind of money, I’d …”

You see it is those in the game whom become the wealthy ones, not those that are working for personal reward or social validation. Bill Gates is doing what he has always done, he’s in the game and he has a big vision. Bottom line, he is taking care of his end of the bargain. This summary of the law Bill Gates has mastered is; Focus + Action = Results

The laws of the universe promise, that with clear vision and focused constant action, you will achieve the desired result of that vision and action. There are three basic laws of the Universe…

The first law is the Law of Clarity – that’s not most of your problem, you’re very clear about your mission to help people.

The second law is the Law of Intention – Most Chiropractors have great intention to do what ever it takes to help someone achieve the health they deserve.

The third law, is the Law of Responsibility – Are you taking responsibility to insure that your clear intended plan is manifesting itself?

This doesn’t always require effort; it only requires focus and correction. If you see your self taking a detour from your plan, be responsible and correct it. Having a down month will be reality for most at some level. Even Bill Gates is having a down year. This is the time to correct what has caused the down trend. This summer I have had clients call me and say that things are slow (as expected) because, “it is summer”. While others, have reported record up months; why? Probably because (as expected) it is summer! Both those up or down are right on track with their expectations. In reality both are acting (their daily actions) in accordance with their expectations. They are acting within the laws of responsibility; (acting in accordance with your expectations); they just haven’t considered that they could become responsible for a better outcome. Whether you think you can or can’t. your right.

Do your patients have the right to know the true benefits of what your service will do for them? Have you told them? Did they understand? Are you being responsible for their clear understanding? If you have clear intention to give your community the benefit of your service, then it is your responsibility, to make sure they get the clear picture as you intend.

Get in the game, it is not about you, it is about saving lives. If you are timid about this then it is clear it is about you. If you are bold, it is clear you intend to make a difference. As “you” making a difference in others becomes your most dominate THOT, success will be your reward. And yes, you will then say it isn’t about the money, it is about making a difference.

Your coach for success,
Dr. Bruce

Dr. Bruce Parker is a 1976 graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College and he is the founder of Parker Professional Coaching. You can reach him via email at: [email protected] @ 5:48 am | Article ID: 998657322