The Force of Mandatory Shots

The news on vaccinations has been a buzz these past few weeks since across the United States, school is about to begin. In some states that may mean “Mandatory Vaccination” for your child.

But are these shots necessary? According to medical doctors Michael Arnold Glueck and Robert J. Cihak, vaccines such as the one given for hepatitis B are considered an “unnecessary medical treatment.”

An article published in World News Daily may shed some light as to why these “unnecessary” jabs are “mandatory.” The article states, “Maybe the motivation is big bucks from a 1993 federal ‘Immunization Initiative” that gives states more than $400 million in vaccine incentives and a $100 bounty for each child vaccinated with the shots the federal government decided are must-haves.”

Do you think perhaps a financial incentive may be partly to blame for the bullying attitude of some public health professionals as well as the misinformation given to parents?

In the article, the doctors ask, “what do you do if you decide that a vaccination, such as Hepatitis B, isn’t right for your child but the school requires it?” For one, you should visit the NVIC website to get more information as to what exemptions are available in your state. National Vaccine Information Center’s common sense guidelines is a good place to start.

The article offers an example of why you may choose not to vaccinate, “if you weren’t told that the likelihood of a severe reaction from the Hepatitis B vaccine is three times greater than the likelihood that your child will contract the disease, you might well change your mind about the desirability of that vaccine.”

While being responsible and getting better educated as to the risks and benefits of vaccination can be time consuming, the doctors suggest not to let school scare tactics intimidate you into a vaccination decision that’s not right for your family. They state, “You’ll probably take some heat, but isn’t your child worth it?”

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