Schwarzenegger Signs Global Warming Bill in California

by Michael Dorausch, doctor of chiropractic

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken a stand on global warming. On September 27th of this week, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed landmark legislation that will impose sweeping greenhouse gas emissions reductions for the state of California.California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

According to the governor’s office, the State of California is the 12th largest source of greenhouse gases in the world. Environmentalists for months have been collecting postcards signed by concerned Californians to send to the governor urging him to sign this legislation. The legislation is known as AB-32, the global warming solutions act of 2006. Some environmentalists are calling it a landmark event as the legislation can be adopted by other states and the federal government.

Arnold Schwarzenegger called the law “a bold new era of environmental protection.” The bill is expected to set into state law a limit on greenhouse gas emissions which will call for a 25% reduction by 2020. The bill empowers state regulators to require major emissions reductions from the largest carbon polluters in the state. In case you were wondering, California chiropractors are not large carbon polluters. We could probably all do a better job on our way to and from the office each day to reduce emissions. We could also recommend, for the majority of people we care for, more exercise in the way of walking and bicycling, and less reliance on automobiles.

The bill will affect a wide range of industries which includes oil refineries, power plants, landfills, large manufacturers, and cement industries. And then there is big Pharma. There are 38 million people living in the state of California and when we talk about greenhouse gases and global warming most are going to talk oil and big SUVs. Monster cars like Suburbans, the GMC Yukon Denali, and Ford Expeditions may come to mind. Few are going to think about that little liver pill they take each morning and the mass amounts of energy that were consumed for it to get into their bellies.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers create massive amounts of CO2 emissions. While not the largest contributors to global warming, consider the following…

That little pill requires manufacturing facilities, research laboratories, distribution center office buildings, fleet vehicles for drug distributors, and other business premises. Those facilities and vehicles emit CO2 emissions from sources such as boilers, water coolers, heaters, generators of electricity, incinerators, wastewater systems, and air conditioners, among others.

The majority of waste emissions from pharmaceutical manufacturing plants involves something called organic sludge. Organic sludge is a term used to describe the mass amounts of micro organic matter that is produced during the biological processing of pharmaceuticals. If you ask me, I think we’d all be better of with less toxic sludge, less pharmaceuticals, and greenhouse gas emissions. Way to go Governor Schwarzenegger!

Just say no to organic sludge and massive CO2 emissions. Go green, go clean, and go chiropractic. It’s good for you and it’s good for the environment too!

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Los Angeles Chiropractor: Dr. Michael Dorausch is a chiropractor practicing in Los Angeles, California.

PDF FactSheet: AB 32 — Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006

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