Chiropractor Joe Accurso speaking at DCS Wednesday August 20th

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

One of my all-time favorite chiropractors, Dr. Joe Accurso of Miami, Florida is speaking at the DCS Clubhouse in Newport Beach California on Wednesday night, August 20, 2008. Following is some news from the DCS Clubhouse newsletter regarding Dr. Joe’s visit to Southern California.

Dr. Joe Accurso is coming to DCS this Wednesday August 20th
This Wednesday Aug. 20th: Dr. Joe Accurso
At The DCS Clubhouse 20321 Birch St. Newport Beach, CA. 8pm

Primary Subject: The new patients first 2 visits usually determine whether or not they will refer.

Joe Accurso in Panama circa de 1998(photo: This is an old photo of Joe. We will have some new ones tomorrow)

Do you have days when you love your practice? How about those days when you hate your practice? Do you dream about hitting the lottery and retiring? – I do. We all do. But each year I practice I become a better teacher and have fewer retirement thoughts. I am financially very well off but I know I will never retire. I see 400-500 patients a week over the last 30 years. That is not a lot of money compared to so many mega practices but for me it’s good and I am changing some lives (a lot of lives).

Maybe I can help you enjoy your practice more. What we have in this philosophy and art is what this world needs. It does not need more vitamins and vaccinations, cholesterol medicine and antidepressants. Please for the sake of making the world a better place to live – join me tomorrow night. I want to spend some time with you.

P.S. Bring your staff! All four of my kids are Chiropractors. None of them are as good looking as me.
P.S.S. Secondary Subject: Why do patients refer others?

What other chiropractors have to say about Joe Accurso…

“He is my absolute favorite speaker. His message is incredibly honest. He is the most principled Chiropractor I know.” – Tim Zook, D.C.

“Joe moves people in one of the most sincere ways I have ever witnessed. No hype… Joe reaches your heart in unparalleled ways. His ethics are second to none. Men like him are few and far between.” – Cliff Hardick, D.C.

“Anytime I listen to him, I come away with a new thought or idea. But most importantly I am challenged to be a better Chiropractor.” – Joe Strauss, D.C.

“Joe’s message is an asset to the profession. It helps clarify our purpose as Chiropractors while inspiring the audience to greater heights. He delivers a clear, consistent message with certainty, power and charisma.” – Arno Burnier, D.C.

Dr. Accurso is a very talented, intelligent, and a personal Doctor of Chiropractic. His leadership and inspirational qualities are exceptional. On a scale of 1 to 10, as a human being and Chiropractor, you would have to rate Dr. Joe at least as a 12.” – D.D. Humber, D.C.

“Joe is the most powerful Chiropractor on Earth. He will teach you never to underestimate the power of the Chiropractic adjustment!”
– Walter Sanchez, DC “He talks to you about correcting the chronic subluxation. He says it’s all about the Chiropractor’s ability to be at peace with himself. He loves to go to the office! I know this because he is my Dad!” – Joe Accurso Jr, D.C.

“Joe Accurso is an inspiration to me and every student of Chiropractic who has ever had the opportunity to hear him speak. When he talks philosophy no one can walk away and not become more in love with the adjustment. He is so powerful.” – Matt Harris, D.C.

“Joe will make you uncomfortable. He’ll make you sweat. He won’t make you feel all fuzzy and warm all over. He’ll knock your teeth out without even raising his voice… Wear a mouthpiece!” – Craig Berko, D.C.

“He is simply the finest Chiropractor I have ever known. He is full of generation ahead of his time. How he maintains a practice of between 400 and 500 patients a week with no advertising, screenings or yellow page ads is beyond me. And the phenomenon that amazes me most about Joe is that he is enjoying his practice more now than he did 10 years ago.” – Dennis Messina, D.C.

“Joe Accurso will teach you that all the problems that face Chiropractic today will be won only on the adjusting table. Joe will teach you to be a better Chiropractor.” – Robert Braile, D.C.

“Joe will not attempt to impress you with himself, but he will try impress you with Chiropractic.” – Dan Abeckjerr, D.C.

Visit Dr. Joe Accurso’s website at:

The Dead Chiropractic Society
20321 Birch Street, Suite 100 – Newport Beach, CA 92660 – Phone: (949) 250-0600 @ 1:47 pm | Article ID: 1219178872