DCS Chiropractor and Attendee Testimonials

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The Planet Chiropractic e-mail inbox continues to fill up with messages of gratitude, thank you’s, testimonials, and words of excitement, from chiropractors, staff, spouses, and others that attended the 2008 DCS California Chiropractic Jam, this past weekend in Orange County, California. Instead of one news summary of the ginormous chiropractic event, we will be sharing a number of e-mails sent by chiropractors, that attended the Friday and Saturday event.

Southern California Chiropractors Robert Bates and Don Trepany(photo: Southern California chiropractors Dr. Rob Bates and Dr. Don Trepany attending the DCS Orange County event)

From chiropractors attending the DCS Jam Event

Billy D,
Ah, Dr. DeMoss that is…….

I just want to say thanks for a great event yesterday. I just got back home this morning, Sunday morning, around 9am. I had to cut out a little early last night to catch a red eye back to the Minneapolis due to a family commitment on Sunday. Then I had to drive 2 and a half hours back to God’s country, Decorah Iowa. I jammed the whole way home to AC/DC and other awesome tunes. For me, this was not just another get fired up to go like crazy for a couple weeks and then fizzle back to where I was, (In My Head.) I just added some bricks to the foundation! Thanks so much for your vision. You perfectly showed us all that if the mind can dream it, and you get off your ass and do something towards it, IT will happen. AND IT WILL HAPPEN BIG!!!!!!!

Love and Peace,
Dr. Perry Numedahl

Thank you for putting on the California Jam and thank you for dinner Friday night! John thinks very highly of you and we all appreciate the work that you are doing. I am attending the Nutz & Boltz this Saturday in Seattle, looking forward to it and looking forward to next year!

Dr. Richard Pfeiffer

Billy D and the DCS Team,

WOW!! You all ROCK so huge!! Thanks for creating an absolutely amazing experience for all of us through the DCS Cal Jam on Saturday. Thanks for caring so deeply about chiropractic and each of us that you sacrificed your time, energy, and money for us to put on the CAL JAM!!

I’m super excited to help you promote it for next year so please keep me in the loop of how I can best do that for you, for chiropractors, and for the world!!!

Thanks again.

With a heart over-flowing with gratitude and love,
Dr. Barbara Sturm

Dr. Bill, Great Saturday! Best CE far and away. Very high Energy. Great speakers. I am still jazzed. My background. I have been a chiro for 20 years, and was in your bros class at LACC. Graduated in 1987. Spent 4 years as medipractor frustrated and uninspired. Always loved chiroprac-tic as I had early great experiences prior to school. Went to hear Donald Epstein in early 1991 and it changed my life. I have practiced network with specific adjustments ever since. I had reached a level of success as my practice grew and peoples lives were transformed. The power of Life was turned On. Your weekend has re-inspired me and your dedication to serve and spread the story has reminded me of why am here. I needed that now more than ever. I plan on attending your seminar in June. Thanks again, and look forward to talking with you sometime.

Fondly, Dr. Michael Whelan

I Spent the weekend at the Chiropractic Summer Jam. Wow what a vision by Dr DeMoss. Just think if every Chiropractor would put 1/10 of the Energy as this Visionary! We could touch the hearts and bodys of Multitudes of Mankind. Thanks My life has been changed forever. Think what the world Could be like if we all just loved with the passion I experienced this weekend.

Dr. Eddie P Petry

Thank you for the most amazing chiro gathering I have experienced! Very interested in the Tavarua trip in Sept. If space is still available (2) would you please pass on the details.

All the best,

Scott M. Lund, D.C.
“The #1 thief of health is procrastination” — B.J. Palmer

The amazing thing is that this successful mega-event was NOT put on by a company whos business is putting on events. Cal Jam was the vision and project of a practicing DC who will be in the office tommorrow seeing patients. Dr. Bill Demoss has struck a power chord in the hearts of the California chiropractor, not to mention those from around the world. The event rocked in more ways than one and I can guarantee that on Monday morning there will be 1000+ fired up docs and staff filled with much healing and love for their patients. Thank you Billy D for your inspiration and LOVE for chiropractic!

Dr. John Bueler, Jr. (from comments posted to the Photo Slideshow DCS California Jam 2008)

We had such a good time this past weekend. I know that you are all probally still resting, but when can we sign-up for next year? We’ve already told friends and they want to come too!

Dr. Charlie & Ami Enouen

Billy D,

Thank you for your vision to come to fruition last weekend at the California Jam. What an awesome time with great speakers, and great brothers & sisters. Looking forward to the 2nd annual California Jam!!

God bless you,
Jon Nichols

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More DCS related news to come.

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