Cinema Star Wars Advertising 1977

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Grabbed this photo of a photo while at a Santa Monica venue attending the Growing Your Site’s Traffic event. It’s an outdoor advertisement for a movie theater featuring movie showtimes for Star Wars, Saturday Night Fever, Charlie Brown, and the Bad News Bear.

Outdoor movie sign promoting Star Wars and Saturday Night Fever

Pretty sure the original photo was taken in 1977. I remember seeing Star Wars in a Huntington in Long Island movie theater. I don’t remember seeing Saturday Night Fever as a kid, and may have seen it years later as a teenager or adult (guess it wasn’t that memorable for me). I do remember seeing the Bad News Bears at a movie theater in Woodland Hills, California on a really hot summer day (aren’t they all in that part of the valley). I’m pretty sure the Charlie Brown movie was Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown, but I don’t recall seeing that movie during the summer of 1977.

2 thoughts on “Cinema Star Wars Advertising 1977”

  1. Great photograph — highly representative of a long gone time.

    I’m actually shocked that (The) “Bad News Bear(s)” was “Rated G.” In today’s society, Beer drinkin’ little league coaches and kids that smoke ciggy’s will nearly get you an X rating.

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