LA Marathon 2009 Favorite Photos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Many thank you’s to the folks at the official Los Angeles Marathon website for having Planet Chiropractic at the 2009 LA Marathon as part of event media coverage. Our coverage of the LA Marathon began last week, with news on preparations for the event, and concerns about potential heat in Los Angeles. The weather turned out to be spectacular for running a marathon, as morning temperatures hovered around the low 60s Fahrenheit, something event organizers and runners were all happy about.

On Saturday, Planet Chiropractic had news on 6 elite runners and their thoughts on running the 2009 LA Marathon. 26-year-old, Tatyana Petrova, of Russia, said she would run fast and she meant it. Tatyana won the women’s division with a time of 2:25:56. More on that and news of 24th LA Marathon winner Wesley Korir was covered in the LA Marathon 2009 Results and Photos post.

Since the race ended I’ve uploaded nearly 100 photographs to an LA Marathon photo set on Flickr. Below are some of my favorites from today’s Los Angeles race.

wesley-korir-500-la-marathon-2009Wesley Korir reaching the finish line at the Los Angeles Marathon 2009. He took first place with a record LA marathon time of 2:08:24.


Runners hold up an LA 24 sign. Taken minutes before the women’s elite race began.

tariku-jufar-500-finish-line-marathon-2009Tariku Jufar of Ethiopia maintained first place for much of the race. Shown here seconds before crossing the finish line. Tariku was second place in the men’s division. He was one of the fastest runners in the field, having finished the 2008 Hamburg Marathon with a time of 2:08:10.


2009 Los Angeles Marathon winner Wesley Korir. His T-shirt reads Philippians 4:13 (I can do everything through him who gives me strength.)

Check out the photo set for additional photographs from the 2009 Los Angeles Marathon. Congratulations to everyone that participated in the 2009 LA Marathon.

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  1. Congrats on the race, by chance do you rund Disney Marathons as well. Here in Orlando,Fl they host several every year and prepping myself for 8 mile run.

  2. Thank you Dr. Nick Campos! . It was a great event and the folks at the LA Marathon did a terrific job with organization this year. We all thought the weather was going to be really warm but Los Angeles surprised us with perfect running temperatures. 2010 LA Marathon should be back in March. I’m thinking a chiropractic running group would be nice.

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