LA Marathon Excitement Heating Up

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The 2009 Los Angeles Marathon is scheduled for Memorial Day Monday, which is one week from today. Many local runners are hoping June gloom arrives a little bit early, bringing with it a marine layer and cooler temperatures throughout the Southland. Having been a runner in Los Angeles for the past decade, we’re reaching that time of year where running in the afternoon is a bit more taxing on the body, than it’s been in the months since October. With a marathon start time of around 7:20 AM, it’s going to be a race to the finish line, hopefully before the sun brings the heat upon Los Angeles.

Postural Functional Leg Assessment - Marathon Training(photo: postural and functional leg assessments are common pre-marathon protocol in some chiropractic offices)

Lots of folks are finishing up their training for the 2009 Los Angeles Marathon this week, with many cutting back on distances and intensity. Easy 30 minute runs are recommended by several Marathon experts, with some carboloading coming on the weekend, before race day on Monday. Taking a look at the five day weather forecast for Los Angeles, it appears like we’re going to be steadily cooling throughout the week. Temperatures today are currently in the 80s locally, dropping to mid 70s and sunny on Thursday. For me personally, I like getting those light runs closer to the afternoon, so I can acclimate to the warmer near mid-day temperatures.

Checking on a 10 day weather forecast for Los Angeles, it looks like Monday currently stands at mostly cloudy with a high of 81 degreesF. Elite runners should be completing the race by 10 AM, and a four hour runtime should still get most runners completed before noon on Monday. A real simple way to view a four-day forecast for weather near you, is to do a Google search for weather near your location, in this case: Los Angeles Weather.

I’ve had several runners training for the marathon coming in a bit more frequently during the past few weeks to get their chiropractic checkups before Memorial Day comes. It’s really exciting being a part of people’s marathon training programs, and while I’m not running this year, Planet Chiropractic will be visiting the Expo Center on the weekend, and we will have LA Marathon related news coverage, on Monday.

I’ve offered some LA Marathon training tips in the past, and the advice still applies. You made the commitment, you stuck with it, and you’re in the last week of training. Wear good shoes that you’ve hopefully broken in and can run in well, watch your nutrition and hydration throughout the week, and don’t forget to get to the race location early on Monday, as race day can get crazy with so many people in downtown Los Angeles.

For those of you not in Los Angeles who still want to watch the LA Marathon live on the Internet, be sure to check out LA Marathon coverage from Universal Sports did an excellent job bringing live coverage online for the 2009 Boston Marathon, and their 2009 coverage for LA is expected to be similar.

Details on local telecasting (KNBC Channel 4), information about traveling to downtown LA, the pre race Expo, and other LA Marathon information can be found on the official site of the LA Marathon. Here is looking forward to Monday being a successful event for participants, organizers, volunteers, and everyone else playing a role in the LA Marathon 2009. @ 1:13 pm | Article ID: 1242677627