Antibacterial Soaps are a Waste

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

According to news reports, buying non “antibacterial” soap in the United States may be virtually impossible even though such products are, “a waste of time,” experts say.

Not only may the products be a waste of time, but heavy use of antibacterial soaps may contribute to a new breed of “hard-to-kill superbugs,” researchers say.

Researchers studying the soaps found that antimicrobial or antibacterial soaps provided “no added value over plain soap” as plain soap and water works by literally washing away germs. For daily hygiene, hand-washing with regular soap is reported to be just fine for removing germs, making the antibacterial type unnecessary.

According to the CDC, antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria that cause infection are not killed by the antibiotics taken to stop the infection. Antibiotics create an environment where resistant strains of bacteria can proliferate. Overuse of antibiotics is cited as a cause of this resistance. CDC researchers suggest that some 50 million of the 150 million outpatient antibiotic prescriptions each year are unneeded.

Take charge of your families health. Look for products that do not contain antimicrobial or antibacterial agents. Go “natural” whenever possible. Remember that the “antibacterial” strategy is more about marketing than it is good health.

Maintain proper alignment of your spine and optimal function of your nervous system, creating an environment where bacteria are naturally less likely to proliferate.

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