Peace One Day

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

“Peace One Day is asking the people of the world to honour and celebrate the Day on the 21st September; with the vision of the Day extending far beyond the cessation of violent conflict and representing an opportunity for the people of the world to create a moment of global unity.”

A chiropractor, John Steigerwald, emailed to tell me about this movement. I asked Dr. John why he had gotten involved in Peace One Day. The following is his response.

I got involved because of a practice member of mine already participating in this grass roots movement and he invited me to a gathering explaining what the day is all about. I had no idea what it was but was willing to attend the gathering. It turns out that one man from England, a film maker, initiated the entire proposal to the United Nations for an entire day of Global ceasefire. This initiative was approved by every single voting country.

This established the United Nations International Day of Peace, now fixed on the calendar for September 21. He produced an eight minute video which shows how the process was initiated and what the overall magnitude of an event like this will produce. I was greatly inspired to do all that I can to spread the word and the consciousness of this Peace One Day. Of course, this will not be a major headline in the big papers or on the nightly news. So it is in our hands to spread the word through such great avenues as the internet and in our private practices and communities. In my small town of St. Helena, Ca. (pop. 5000), we will be contacting many city and county officials and community members to let them know about this day to spread the awareness.

I encourage all DC’s in their communities to do the same… spread the word and awareness. I believe that this will be a major stepping stone to more established days of global ceasefire on this planet. It all starts with one day. So, thank you to everyone who would like to spread the word and the very positive, peaceful consciousness that a day like this can create. In Health and Life, John Steigerwald, D.C.

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