It all Begins at Home

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

Don’t try to change the world until you’ve changed you!

I truly believe that all of us in chiropractic have come to the earth to change this world, to make it a better place for all to live, to make it a place where we all want to be and to stay. My mentor, Dr. Joe, constantly talked to me about the mission and destiny of chiropractic. He emphasized, time and again, that we are here to change this world for the better and that we who have been “ordained” to be chiropractors will never be truly fulfilled until we have accomplished that which we came here to do. My question was always, “How do we go about doing this? How can we, such a small and little known profession, change the world?” His prophetic answer was always the same, “Change yourself first… and when you have changed, then you can show the world how to change.”

To change the world, to assist in the evolution of the consciousness of all mankind, we must first evolve to the level that we expect others on this planet to attain. B. J. Palmer said “Who can anchor to an unanchored mind”? We must first become “centered” (anchored) before we can expect those we lead to become “centered.” And how do we do this? All of us in chiropractic are already on the road to the place we need to be or we wouldn’t have been selected by the universe to be a part of this “chosen” profession. All we have to do is to fine-tune our own innate mind to elevate ourselves to the position of leadership the sick people of this world so desperately need.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is to consistently attend seminars (at least 6 every year) that teach the true philosophy of chiropractic. And, while attending, open ourselves to the life-changing messages that are offered. We’re fortunate in this profession to have many excellent ongoing seminars available that can help us to program our innate mind with the essential philosophy of our profession and the universal truths of Healing. Choose the one(s) that you feel are right for you where you are at this time in your life (go inside and let your innate mind tell you the seminars to attend) and “expose” yourself totally to the teachings you receive. Psychologists tell us that an idea has to be taught at least 7 times before it becomes a part of us (programmed into our innate mind) and that this exposure must take place within a comparatively short period of time. As Dr. Jim Sigafoose says “Attend philosophy seminars consistently again and again until you’ve got ‘it’ …and then continue to attend the seminars to share ‘it’ with the others in this profession.” We’re all in this together!

Also, spend at least half an hour each day listening to audio tapes on chiropractic philosophy (at home and/or in your car). Many outstanding tapes are available on this web site that teach the eternal truths of our philosophy. Dr. Sigafoose tells us to listen over and over and over again until we’re totally inundated with the philosophy and can even tell what the next word on each tape will be. Only then will the message be embedded in our innate mind and become a part of “us” so that we don’t even have to consciously think about it any more. The message becomes “us” and we simply cannot not tell others about it. It’s our destiny, our mission, to spread the word and we don’t have to “try” to do it anymore. We are the “Big Idea”!! We deliver this healing message automatically to everyone we meet and we have no choice but to give them the loving opportunity to embrace this universal truth. This (and only this) is what can and will change the world and we came here together to accomplish this vital mission. Mother Theresa told us “Don’t wait for leaders. Do it individually, one person at a time.”

We should all also read the excellent books on chiropractic and healing philosophy that are available to us (books by D. D. Palmer, B. J. Palmer and many other contemporary writers). For those of us who are more visual, outstanding videotapes can be purchased that powerfully deliver this message. The key to learning is consistency and repetition of exposure.

Chiropractic has survived the onslaughts of the powerful drug industry and the self-serving medical politicians thanks to the many courageous pioneers who have defended this profession throughout the past 100 years. The incredibly powerful philosophy of this profession sustained them through their intense trials. Now it’s our turn to defend and promote this life-saving Healing philosophy that has been handed down to us. But we must “become it” ourselves before we can present it to this world. Will we do it? Only we can answer this question.

We have to change us before we can change the world. And we in chiropractic will never be totally fulfilled in this life until we do change the world and teach the people of this planet the essence of Healing and, indeed, of life itself.

If not us, who will do it? If not now, when will we do it? We all came here to change this dangerously sick world. So let’s get on with it and do it.

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