Drugs, Drugs, and more Drugs

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Drugs around the world, if you don’t think the world has an obsession with drugs, read some the articles linked below.

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From Australia, drug dealing on the playground… “Ah, those old school days. When you’d push into the inner sanctum of a lunchtime huddle to barter a surplus bubblegum card for your mate’s home-made fudge.” According to the news report, “the Australian playground is little more than a glorified chemist shop these days…” A South Wales Commission has launched an investigation to find out why high levels of drugs are being prescribed to children. The Commission’s report has shown that children “were swapping, sharing and selling potentially harmful prescription drugs between classes.”

Drugs prescribed with no approval…
According to the inquiry, 1362 children aged six and younger were prescribed stimulants such as Ritalin, despite Ritalin being labeled as approved for children older than six years.

“at least 50,000 Australian children are now on some form of prescription drug.”

From USA Today… “Behavioral drugs should be researched first”

Again, news of children being drugged, in this case, “years of trying new drugs” to treat a boys short attention span and impulsive behavior. According to the article, doctors have tried antidepressants and stimulants in this case. Currently, the child is on a “three-drug cocktail.”

“An estimated 5 million to 6 million U.S. children are currently taking at least one psychiatric drug.”

From COX news… “Doctors prescribing more drugs, study finds”

Notice the pattern? More drugs are being prescribed than ever before. Many of these drugs are being given to children, some with out scientific study. Children are swapping these drugs like bubble gum.

“The study found that six types of drug therapies accounted for 80 percent of the increase in drugs prescribed: central nervous system drugs; hormones; respiratory drugs; pain relief drugs; metabolics/nutrients (including cholesterol medications and vitamins and minerals); and cardiovascular-renal drugs.”

According to the article, Psychiatrists have had the greatest increase in drug prescribing although many MDs have increased their prescribing of drugs. The only types of doctors who did not write more prescriptions were general surgeons, cardiologists and dermatologists, according to the report.

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