101 Ad Snippets For Chiropractic Advertising

by Daria Belov

Chiropractors across the United States are increasingly adding Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing as a way to attract new clients into their local chiropractic offices. Like any other business engaged in PPC, the goal in most cases is to get viewers to click ads that match the products/services they are seeking. Just like magazine or newspaper advertising requires creative ad copy, online PPC campaigns require creative content that will motivate viewers. Unlike ads that offer lot’s of room for advertising text, most PPC ads limit space for creating ads to only 3 short lines of text. In this post I have compiled a lengthy list of examples seen in advertising for chiropractic focused contextual ads.

In the examples shared below you will see a lot of one line sentences. In most cases, ads consisted of a keyword on the first line, ad copy on line two, and a URL on line three. Since this post is focused on ad copy most of the snippets show just the text that appeared on line #2. In some cases I included text from the first line, especially when the advertiser used that space to include more ad copy rather than a brand term (Atlas Chiropractic) or keyword (chiropractor).

Chiropractor Side PostureThe term Chiropractor was the keyword used for all searches. Some searches were localized (ie: Chiropractor New York) so as to grab information from varying cities and metros in the USA. While there may not be 101 Chiropractic Ad Snippets displayed here, there are enough for you to get a good idea as to what kinds of results are being displayed. Please note that I’m not encouraging use of any of this ad snippets, nor am I making judgement as to which ones may be effective or not. Check out my post on Price Listed to see a brief review of ads that included pricing info.

The Chiropractic List

Contact Us for Superb Chiropractic Care from a Skilled Chiropractor.

Are you in Pain Now?
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Main Street Chiropractic
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Non-surgical Spinal Decompression, Massage & Physical Therapy.

Exam Special Only $17.00
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Sports/Fenzian Practitioner Roseville/Rocklin/Granite Bay

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Severe Back Pain?
No Waiting Chiropractic Ctr Fin Dist. Lunch apts

Got a Pain in Your Neck? Call Us
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for Effective Chiropractic Care.

Henderson and Las Vegas Area
$40 Exam and X-Rays

Providing new solutions
for your health concerns.

Whiplash Treatment Expert

Graston Technique, Fast Pain Relief Immediate Appointments

Chiropractic Special
$25 New patient super offer.
Limited time

Back, Neck, & Wrist Pain Center

Modern Relief w/Care

The No Crack Chiropractor
We won’t crack and pop you … or make you come in 300 times!

Tired of Having Back & Neck Pain?

Feel Better Faster
Chiropractic-Active Release (ART)

Don’t turn your
back on pain. Come in today!

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Got Pain?
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Get Expert Chiropractic Care in Fremont and San Leandro.

No Waiting. Free 15 minute Massage 15 yrs exp. Lunch apts

Gentle Chiropractic Care Main Street in San Diego

Downtown back/neck pain specialist Same day appt.

Vegas Area Chiropractor. Over 35 Years Experience.

Get Well and Stay Well

Find an experienced chiropractor
Highest standards of care

Gentle, effective injury treatment
& chiropractic care in Cleveland

Orthopedic/Neurologic Testing
Nerve Scans & Posture Appraisal

Local Chiropractor featured on
Channel 5 News, Microsoft provider

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Pain, Rehab, Sports Injury.
Chiropractic Massage Therapy Clinic

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30 Years Experience Using Therapy Techniques & Massage.

Mountain View CA Chiropractor, Free Computerized Back Analysis.

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Family Chiropractic Care and
Massage Therapy, Provo UT

Tempe Chiropractic
Back Pain Specialists

Stop Back & Neck Pain
Safe & Natural Chiropractic Healing

Scottsdale’s Elite Chiropractic Clinic

Mobile Chiropractic
Chiropractor who makes House Calls

High-Quality Chiropractic Care.

Regain Your Life – Pain Free
Finding The Right Program For You!

Same Day Appointments, Fast Service

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Natural Health & Chiro. Center

Tired of Back and Neck Pain
Free Computer SEMG Testing

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Neck? Contact Our Chiropractor.

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Peace Chiropractic Clinic
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Tulsa Chiropractor
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Dayton Chiropractor
Offers Free Back Tune Up

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Painless Decompression Therapy Huntington, NY. Free Evaluation!

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Been in a car accident?
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Are you in Pain Now?
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Chiropractic Ft. Lauderdale
Acupuncture, Massage, Laser Therapy

Chiropractic, Disc Decompression

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Do You Suffer from Back Pain? For Chiropractic Services, Call Today.

Emergency Chiropractic Care

Gentle Chiropractic Care

Serving Santa Monica Since 1984.
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Neck & Back Pain Specialist
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Gentle, holistic approach.
Insurance accepted. Same day appts.

Do You Suffer from Back Pain? For
Chiropractic Services, Call Today.

Offering the most highly researched
chiropractic care available.

Chiropractic Healing Center.
Care for auto and sports injuries.

Spinal Decompression Therapy Here! Herniated Disc? Neck Pain? Sciatica?

Back, shoulder, neck pain, headache Nutrition counseling, weight loss.

Find an experienced chiropractor
Dedicated to your recovery

Chiropractic Treatment, Massage And
Physical Therapy. Call Us Today!

Chiropractic, Massage, Therapy
Health Products and information

Sports Medicine. Back and Neck
Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Fibromyalgia.

Injuries treated and documented
Over a decade experience


The 7 results shown below were delivered from Chiropractic Directory Services so I put them in a category of their own.

Find a Credentialed Chiropractor. View Specialties and Profiles.

Come to [brand name] to read reviews and find what you want

Find local doctors & care centers. Search your listings

Find your local chiropractor fast,
easy and secure. No sign-up needed.

Browse a Vast Directory of
Leading Chiropractors in Nevada

Find a chiropractor in your area

Find Chiropractors in Your Area.
Search by Category/Name


Hope you found this list useful in helping to develop ideas for your PPC marketing campaigns.

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