2009 Green Bay Marathon

By Daria Belov

It’s marathon weekend in Green Bay, and with a record number of runners already signed up for race day, the Green Bay Marathon 2009 is looking like a spectacular running event. Besides the 26.2 mile marathon, there is a half marathon, as well as a 5K event. Registration for the half marathon is officially closed, with an estimated 4000 participants registered. It’s the 10th annual Cellcom Green Bay Marathon, which begins and ends at the famous Lambeau Field.

Lambeau Field - Green Bay(photo: Entrance at Lambeau Field – Green Bay — credit: PackersNow)

Running the tundra, Sunday morning weather for the 2009 Green Bay Marathon looks to be in the low 50s, for an early morning race day start. Never before have so many runners signed up, an estimated 4000 for the half marathon, just shy of 4500 for the 5K, and an estimated 2000 runners will be participating in the marathon portion of Sunday’s Green Bay event. Having a major sports landmark like Lambeau Field for the race start and finish, is icing on the cake.

All three Sunday events (marathon, 1/2 marathon, and 5K) will pass through Lambeau Field. Runners will need to be wearing their visible bid numbers in order to run through Lambeau Field. More than 8000 runners and walkers participated in the events provided for the 2008 Green Bay Marathon, and the 2009 event is capped at 10,000, a record number celebrating the marathon’s 10 year anniversary. The 2009 Green Bay Marathon start time is scheduled for 7:30 AM and there is a course time limit of seven hours.

2010 Boston Marathon Qualifier — The 26.2 mile course is a Boston Marathon qualifier, certified by USA Track & Field. There are no abrupt uphills or downhills, with the majority of the course being fast and flat. A downloadable 2009 Green Bay Marathon course map is available as a JPEG image file as well as a PDF file. Maps for the half marathon and 5K events are available for viewing and download on the Green Bay Marathon race course info page.

Elite runner course records are currently held by Tatiana Titova, winning the 2001 female division with a time of 2:38:13, and Wilson Komen, winning the 2005 male division with a time of 2:17:32. Andrii Toptun took first place in the 2008 Green Bay Marathon with a running time of 2:22:51, and Callen Areba won the women’s division for the 2008 Green Bay Marathon, with a time of 2:52:29. Watch for course record and top elite runner results updates on the course records page, after the 2009 Green Marathon is completed.

2009 Green Bay Marathon Results — The top 10 female and male marathon participants receive prize money for the 2009 event. All runners will be able to view 2009 marathon results via the official marathon results page. Race results for the 2008, 2007, 2006, and prior Green Bay marathons are also available for viewing online.

Green Bay Marathon Photos — There is an official photo company taking photos of all runners at race finish lines, and runners are advised to clearly keep their bib number on the front of their bodies throughout the race. It’s far easier to recognize runners by verifying bid numbers. As we found covering many other marathon events, online photo sharing sites like Flickr are a great place to locate uploaded amateur and professional photos from the marathon. Perform searches for terms like Green Bay Marathon, 2009 Green Bay Marathon, etc. to find race related photographs. Those taking photos and uploading them to sites like Flickr, should consider tagging them so that they can easily be found in search.

Thousands of volunteers have engaged in a variety of activities and services to help make the marathon a success. Wisconsin chiropractors are recognized for their assistance in helping runners train for this year’s event. Doctors of chiropractic get busy during marathon training season, working hard with clientele (and often times training for the race themselves) to help optimize performance, and maximize participants abilities to meet their goals.

In other Sunday running news, the San Francisco 2009 Bay to Breakers 12 K takes place on Sunday as well, an event that features wildly colorful costumes and good times in San Francisco. Check the Bay to Breakers photos on Flickr to see exactly what I’m talking about, lots of racy race images.

The Denver Post Colorado Colfax Marathon also runs on Sunday morning, May 16. Congratulations to Denver chiropractor, Dr. Steve Visentin, for the specialized work he’s done in preparing runners for Sunday’s race. Get Colorado marathon race information and results on the official marathon race information page.

Check out dozens of Planet Chiropractic marathon article archives and all the best of health and wellness to everyone participating in any of these Sunday events. If anyone says “you run like a girl” you can remind them that it was a girl who won the 2009 Preakness Stakes.

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