New Chiropractic Patient Orientation

By Sharon Gorman, Chiropractor

I just came home from the office. I did my New Patient Orientation tonight and I am flying. I usually don’t look forward to doing Orientation. I have done it hundreds and hundreds of times but by the time I’m done each week, I can’t believe I even had that thought earlier in the night. I come home flying.

I love having the opportunity to lay out the true benefits of chiropractic so that the patients can have the opportunity to change their lifestyle to include Chiropractic Care hopefully for their whole lifetime and for their whole family. Doing Orientation is a privilege of being a Chiropractor that I am not willing to give up.

The Chiropractic Principle is so simple and makes so much sense and we tend to make it so complicated. Doing the Orientation reminds me what I am all about. It keeps me excited about the – – – tic in chiropractic. Some people leave my orientation and never return to my office and I take that as a compliment. Surely I wouldn’t like it if it happened often but occasionally it is nice because it shows me that I am keeping chiropractic, chiropractic and not trying to mold it into something that is too easily palatable. Most people stay and refer but chiropractic is different and some people are not ready to make a decision that is not necessarily status quo. That is ok. I don’t want to confuse people into believing that chiropractic is another form of therapy for their symptoms. Don’t get me wrong, I accept them where they are at and don’t send them packing if they don’t see things the way that I do yet I need to tell them what I do and what I stand for because if I don’t I might forget who I am and turn into another therapist of sorts. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to tell them the truth. @ 7:24 am | Article ID: 1069169068