Push the Drugs or Go to Jail

YourHealthDaily reports today with an article titled: “Dilemma For Parents Who Are Told To Keep Child On Ritalin.”

The article begins by stating that “like thousands of children, 7-year-old Kyle Carroll takes Ritalin for a diagnosis of attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.”

Keep Kids Off DrugsThe article then goes on to state that “like thousands of parents, Michael and Jill Carroll worry about the drug’s side effects… But they keep their child on the medication, in part because they fear child welfare workers will take him away if they don’t.”


According to the article, administrators from the school district called child protective services, alleging child abuse when the parents said they wanted to take their child off the drug and now the parents are on a statewide list of alleged child abusers.


According to the article, one parent stated that “It’s beyond the point of whether he should be on it. Now it’s the point of them telling us what we’re going to do… They’re telling me how to raise my child.”

And this problem is not isolated according to the article. The article notes that “observers say public schools are increasingly accusing parents of child abuse and neglect if they balk at giving their children medication such as Ritalin, a stimulant being prescribed to an increasing number of students.”

According to an Attorney that was interviewed, the article sates that “schools are now using child protective services to enforce their own desires and their own policies.”

In the article, a parent was quoted as saying that “this thing is so scary” remarking that the school district had called police and child protective services when she decided to take her son off of a prescribed “drug cocktail” and who now attends private school.

What is going on here? Have we reached the stage of ultimate inversion? Are the schools and protective services free to do anything they please? There is no possible justification for this behavior and it represents, not a source of benefits, but a deadly threat to our children’s survival.

YourHealthDaily: Dilemma For Parents Who Are Told To Keep Child On Ritalin

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