The Art & Science of Drug Pushing

From New York magazine comes an article titled: “Inside the Happiness Business”

The opening statement to the 6-page article states that “Before a drug like Celexa can ease the minds of patients, marketers must capture the minds of doctors — using free gifts, dinners, propaganda, and research funds. A hard look at the hard sell.”

New York author David D. Kirkpatrick takes a look at the world of pharmaceutical representatives and their relationships with medical doctors.

The article asks the question: “You may have reason to wonder: Is your doctor doing what’s right for you, or for him?”

There’s a lot of drug pushing going on. The article states that “drug makers command an army of more than 68,000 salespeople, one for every eleven doctors in the U.S.” Imagine if there was a school yard crack dealer for every eleven children in the U.S.

According to the article, “pharmaceutical companies justify high drug prices by pointing to astronomical research and development costs” yet it was further stated that “many who study the industry say drug companies spend more on marketing and promotions.”

A doctor that was interviewed for the article had this to say about prescribing drugs: “you have to understand that we really don’t know what we are doing.” (Actually, I think most of the world has already figured that one out but thanks for sharing.)

You’ll probably want to read this article in it’s entirety. Visit the link below or consider purchasing a copy of New York magazine for your office.

New York Magazine: Inside the Happiness Business

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