Super Bowl 43 Live Online – Superbowl Internet Broadcast

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

UPDATE: – Super Bowl XLVI (2012 Superbowl) will Live Stream via NFL, NBC and Verizon Networks (online and on mobile phones). Check the Superbowl XLVI Schedule and Guide for details.

Super Bowl 43 (XLIII) is being televised on NBC and NBC in high definition (NBC HD) in the United States. Kickoff time in Tampa Bay is officially scheduled for 6:18 p.m. (which is Eastern time). I was reading Daria Belov’s detailed Guide to Superbowl XLIII and I noticed there wasn’t any information about watching the Super Bowl live online. After searching a number of resources here’s what I found for those wanting to watch the NFL championship game via a live Internet broadcast.

XLIII - Tampa Bay Florida February 1, 2009(photo: outside Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay Florida – credit: ejames1964)

Anyone know how to watch the Superbowl online? That’s the question I began seeking in answer to early this morning. I came across a number of web sites that looked a bit questionable as some were asking for money and others required downloading of software. I’m not including those sites since I can’t vouch for their authenticity.

In the United States I wouldn’t think that anyone other than the NFL network is going to have rights for live online streaming of Superbowl XLIII. The NFL live Super Bowl 43 webpage has a video screen which currently reads… “Go behind the scenes of the Super Bowl! Watch the big events before the big game live online!” No mention of a live online Super Bowl broadcast. I’d still make that my first bet though if you’re seeking to watch the game online. Here is the Live NFL Landing Page.

ESPN Internet Radio will be broadcasting the game live online but only as a radio broadcast. Clicking on the following link will open up the ESPN Internet radio player for Super Bowl XLIII listening but it will resize your browser window. Be prepared. Station ESPN.

Great news if you’re not in the United States. The BBC sports network is expected to stream the Super Bowl live from their website. Took me awhile to find this link but it looks like the best option for all those outside the US wanting to watch Super Bowl 43 live online. From the BBC site… “You will be able to watch Super Bowl XLIII on BBC One and, if you are in the UK, this website, as well as following the action on BBC Radio 5 Live.” You may have to browse the site for the video player but here’s the direct link for more information… Super Bowl XLIII – Arizona v Pittsburgh.

Anyone that is seeking to prepare their makeup for today’s Super Bowl parties may want to check out this video I came across this morning which features a tutorial for Black and Gold Steelers colors eyeliner. Check out the Steelers colors makeup tutorial. If you are a fan of the Arizona Cardinals and you’re seeking some ideas on Arizona Cardinal colors check out this Cardinals colors makeup tutorial made by the same person. There’s a great Flickr photo series of different eyeliner styles (including both Super Bowl teams) by makeup artist Rocksterize online.

Superbowl XLIII Photos — If you like chocolate, or if you like cupcakes, or if you like football, you’ll love some of these photos. Check out Super Bowl XLIII cupcakes and use the following link to browse photos related to today’s big game in Tampa Bay Florida.

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