Core Tour 2002 – Venice Beach – Big Air & Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Venice Beach, Calif: The 1st round of the Core Tour Sports & Music Festival kicked off in Venice Beach this past weekend. The scenic Venice area was transformed into an insane extreme sports course with over 50 tons of dirt and 26,000 pounds of lumber. The best riders in the world came to Venice to compete for over $20,000 in prize money.

Top BMX riders from across the globe kicked up dirt while hundreds of fans cheered them on all day Saturday and Sunday, June 22nd and 23rd, in the first stop of the summer long 2002 Core Tour. Both amateurs and pros compete in the Core Tour along the same courses. Amateur events are held on Saturday and pro events are held on Sunday. Some of the world’s best BMX riders were out to compete for the big bucks and a bunch of cool prizes this weekend.

Greg Andreoli clears 19 feet in Venice BeachGreg Andreoli from Las Vegas, NV took first-place in the Big Air contest which was held Sunday afternoon. Greg was the only rider to easily clear 19 feet (nearly the height of a two-story building) to become the King of Sunday’s Big Air competition. This is a spine chilling event, it’s a real thrill to watch.

Following the Big Air competition, Greg was interviewed by Fox Sports Net who covered the weekend long events. The event is expected to be broadcast sometime this summer. Next stop for the tour is at Southstreet Seaport in Manhattan, NY.

People are amazed when they see these jumps up close, these guys just go wild and the adrenaline rush comes over the entire crowd. It’s one thing to see it on the screen (like the film IMAX is currently showing), it’s another to see it up close and personal. I watched people of all ages jump up and cheer in amazement with every stunt these guys pulled off.

Greg Andreoli with his chiropractor Dr. Michael Dorausch of Venice, CAIn the photo to the left, Greg sits on the chiropractic table used during the weekend long event. He was adjusted twice on Saturday before and after practice and twice on Sunday. Once early in the day, and once just before going into the Big Air contest. He was in great shape and I could think of no reason why Greg shouldn’t be able to take the top prize.

About his (and other Core Tour athletes) chiropractic care…
What we did: First, set the Atlas. Before Greg even got started practicing on Saturday, we got him on the table and got him checked out. After palpation and checking range of motion (ROM) we set Atlas, the first bone in his neck, worked on mid thoracic’s, t6 – t8, adjusted a left sacrum and he was good to go.

After a day of practice on the sixpack (the three sets of dirt jumps built for this weekend’s tour) we got Greg on the table one more time for the day. Atlas was holding but some lower cervical’s needed work and thoracics were adjusted again as well. We checked cervical range of motion and lumbar range of motion as well as flexibility. His legs were tired from the day of riding, but he was in overall great shape.

Sunday afternoon, after about an hour of practice, we checked Atlas and adjusted it, and aligned the pelvis. (I had just finished adjusting Steven Murray, winner of last years X-Games and Cory “Nasty” Nastazio, who ended up taking 1st place in the weekends Core Tour King of Dirt contest.) Greg took two falls while competing in the King of Dirt contest, which resulted in allowing him some time to rest and get focused on the upcoming Big Air event. I’m no stranger to adjusting riders before and/or after the Big Air contest’s although I prefer to get them adjusted before in order to better maximize performance. Adjustments after are primarily given to re-stabilize the body. These guys are hitting the ground often from 20 feet up or higher, it can get ugly.

Greg Andreoli going big in Venice BeachWhile other riders practiced their Big Air skills Greg came into the riders tent to get checked one last time. We noticed his hamstrings were pretty tight and his legs were fairly tired from the riding he had done the day before and in the morning. He was checked and Atlas was still holding well. A good hamstrings stretch was in order. I’ve watched many BMX riders have difficulty clearing the tape because they couldn’t bring the back tire up high enough. Every inch counts and good flexibility can mean the difference between walking away with a bag full of loot or going home empty-handed.

We did some sets of stretching (my version of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) on Greg’s hamstrings. While he lied back on the table I lifted one leg up without bending the knee to a point that was not too uncomfortable but was almost at the end of his range of motion. Greg was instructed to take a deep breath in and hold it. While holding his breath he pushed with about 10 percent of his strength into my hand that is holding up his leg. I instructed him to hold for about five seconds and then release, breathe out and just let go. We follow this procedure four more times and then switch to the other leg. Also while he’s breathing out and relaxing I instruct him to visualize his great flexibility. I tell him he is more prepared than anyone in this competition for getting “big air.” He’s in great shape, he has good flexibility, and he has a strong focus.

After three sets of jumps in which some riders cleared and some riders didn’t, there was only Greg and one other rider left for the final jump. The scissor lifts were brought to 19 feet and the tape was strung across. The first rider hit the tape and all Greg had to do now was clear the jump in order to be the Big Air contest winner. He made the jump with room to spare and came down a long way hitting the hardpacked dirt and almost landing into a crowd of photographers and onlookers below. Greg Andreoli is a champion BMX rider and athlete, it’s an honor to work with him.

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