By Dr. Sid Mouk

Action, To Be Effective, Must Be Directed Toward Clearly Conceived Ends. Congruence Between Our Educated and Our Innate Minds Will Then Accomplish Miracles!

Dr. Jim Parker, in his teachings, constantly emphasized the MTD (Mission, Talent, and Destiny) of Chiropractic…. and of each of us in this profession. He strongly believed, and taught us to believe, in the destiny of Chiropractic. Each of us was chosen to be a member of this profession… we didn’t choose it, it chose us. Our individual missions and the collective mission of this profession is to lead the enormous surge of “Natural Healing” energy that is now sweeping this planet. But how do we go about doing this?

Legendary self-help books such as Think And Grow Rich, Ten Days To A Great New Life, The Magic Of Thinking Big, and many others have strongly emphasized the setting of life goals as a key to the achievement of what we came here to do in this life. The writing of our specific goals and then reading/visualizing them each day with emotion is done to “program” our Subconscious Mind (Innate Mind) through daily repetition of what we specifically want to achieve. And it works… if you stick with it long enough to achieve the programming you desire (which could take weeks, months, or even years). However, I find that most people, including myself, won’t stay with this regimen for long because of the strong “discomfort/dis-ease” they feel when attempting this. This discomfort/dis-ease can vary from disturbance of sleep patterns to fatigue to feelings of dread & fear to actual pain from muscle tension and/or spasm. I’ve even heard of people getting upset with these books and destroying them, blaming the books for their distraught feelings. The books and the setting of the goals are not the problem. We’re the problem, and we can fix it!

We on this planet live in a MindBody. This MindBody is one entity, it is not a separate mind and a separate body. What affects the mind instantly and totally affects the physical body through the nervous system, thus also affecting the spine. The mind is divided, essentially, into a Conscious Mind (Educated Mind) and a Subconscious Mind (Innate Mind). Psychologists tell us that the Educated Mind makes up only 10% of our mind while the Innate Mind is approximately 90% of the mind. Our day-to-day thinking occurs in the Educated Mind while the Innate Mind controls and runs the body (the ancient Huna teachings from Hawaii tell us that the Innate Mind totally controls the physical body while the Educated Mind is simply a “guest” in the body). Our Innate Mind is like an enormously powerful computer that is capable of being “programmed” just like any other computer. Our Educated Mind can process approximately 7 to 10 bits of information per second while our Innate Mind has the capacity to successfully handle and process the many millions of bits of information that it receives from our environment every second. So we can see that the power and capacity of Innate far exceeds the small capacity of Educated (the “Pygmy & the Giant” that B. J. wrote about).

Over the past 50 years, Dr. Jim Parker taught and proved that whenever Educated and Innate are in agreement, everything happens “Naturally Right” in our lives. Whatever we goalize happens specifically, easily, and quickly for us. But how do we achieve this all-important agreement between our minds? We in Chiropractic are in the perfect position to achieve this since everything that happens to and in our MindBody is mediated and expressed through the nervous system and, as a result, affects our spine (which can then be corrected, balanced, & normalized by a skillful spinal adjustment, if necessary). The “dis-ease” that we so often experience when goalizing is caused by conflict between our Educated & Innate over the goals we choose. Remember, Innate runs the physical body. Anything that stresses the Innate Mind will also strongly affect the physical body. For example, if we goalize having 100 new patients each and every month, this goal is set by Educated but it must be actually accomplished by Innate through its control of the physical body. Our Innate Mind, however, is similar to an enormously powerful computer and may have been “programmed” (from our past, especially in the time period from conception to 7 years of age) in a way that is in conflict with the goals set by Educated. This conflict will cause unending stress/dis-ease in the physical body whenever our goal is brought to the Conscious Mind, until the conflict between the minds is removed.

And we in Chiropractic are in the perfect position to be able to remove this conflict/interference (in ourselves as well as in others), effectively and quickly, since it all happens through our nervous system. It’s a simple matter to first adjust & balance the spine totally and then to have the person vividly imagine the accomplishment of their individual goal (actually experiencing the fulfillment of the goal in the Conscious Mind as if it had already been accomplished). Psychologists tell us that “Anything that is vividly imagined is as much a stimulus to the nervous system as a kick in the teeth”! If there is conflict/disagreement between the “programs” in the Innate Mind and the goals set by the Educated Mind, we will instantly see a strong re-subluxation of the spine when the person vividly imagines the accomplishment of the goal. To correct this conflict, we skillfully adjust the spine while the person vividly imagines/experiences the accomplishment of the goal in their Educated Mind. It will generally take from 1 to 6 adjustments to clear these “Life-Limiting Programs” in the Innate Mind… “life-limiting” in that they limit our ability to express our total potential in this life. And it works incredibly well! It works very effectively with Activator Methods, which I use, but I believe this method will work with any adjusting technique that corrects the spinal subluxation.

I call this NewMillennium Chiropractic and I truly believe it can powerfully enhance everything we do in this profession (for ourselves and for our patients, it’s great for correcting chronic spinal problems also). It can and will remove the conflict between Educated & Innate concerning that particular goal and thus allow us to progress toward the goal unimpeded. We still have to provide the intensive consistent effort needed to achieve the goal but we now have a “clear field” to work in free from subconscious barriers and dis-ease that can make our progress toward the goal so difficult (one patient described it as “trying to run uphill through peanut butter”). Educated & Innate will then work in harmony toward the achievement of the goal, instead of in conflict with each other… and everything will then happen “Naturally Right” in our practices and in our lives.

Let’s all establish high lofty goals for ourselves and for this “chosen” profession, clear any subconscious barriers that might be holding us back, and… “Goalize Our Way Into Our Rightful Place In Healing History!!!”

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Dr. Sid Mouk runs an active practice in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is an Activator practitioner and has been practicing NewMillennium Chiropractic for the past 5 years. He can be reached at @ 4:33 pm | Article ID: 1064964838