Ontario Flu Vaccine Program Debate

Forwarded by several DCs in Canada. Commentary by Gerry Bohemier D.C. of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

To All Government officials and friends:

It has never ceased to amaze me how the arguments for and against vaccine campaigns are endless. This one is published in the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association and is debated by two experts.

Dr. Schabas, works as a part-time consultant for Aventis Pasteur Ltd., a manufacturer of the influenza vaccine. He is with Schabas Associates Inc. and GlycoDesign Inc., Toronto, Ont. Dr. Demicheli works for the Regional Epidemiology Unit, Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy. He has no ties to the vaccine manufacturer.

Proof to me that one’s opinion on the use of any vaccine is directly proportional to his or her ties to the industry profiting from the use of the product. This observation is every bit as scientific as the evidence available that supports the use of these drugs.

The following links are the whole debate in four separate articles.

Mass influenza vaccination in Ontario: a sensible move
Mass influenza vaccination in Ontario: Is it worthwhile?
Dr. Schabas responds to Dr. Demicheli
Dr. Demicheli responds to Dr. Schabas

I hope you will enjoy the debate and also hope it will make you say “hmmm”?

Gerry Bohemier D.C.

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