Move Over Ritalin – Adderall is Twice as Potent

According to recent reports, the controversial drug Ritalin is beginning to be phased out of the marketplace in favor of a powerful blend of amphetamines known as Adderall.

Adderall is reported to be twice as potent as Ritalin (like crack is to cocaine?) and was originally marketed as an obesity drug in Canada. Adderall is beginning to see a larger market share of drugs prescribed to treat ADHD.

Adderall consists of a blend of four amphetamines, including Dexedrine and Benzedrine. Parents and doctors report that the drug lasts longer than Ritalin, eight hours per dose as compared to Ritalins four hours.

The drug has also gained popularity on high school and college campuses where many kids are choosing to snort it. Adderall is pure amphetamine and is known to cause cell death in animals. What affect will it have on the brains of children?

In October, Planet Chiropractic featured an article on Adderall titled: “Did the Rx Kill, or the Father?” in which a college student slipped into a psychotic fog and killed his infant daughter ten days after he began taking Adderall to control his attention deficit disorder and help him with his college studies.

Adderalls labeling clearly warns that in very rare circumstances, it can cause “psychotic episodes at recommended doses.”

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