If Momma Isn’t Happy, Nobody Is Happy

Monday Chiropractors Message
By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Just got back from a 5 day trip to South Florida with my husband (no kids) and boy do I feel great. I forget how good it feels to be able to just be for a while. Since I am home I am able to see the issues that are in my life with new eyes. I have a fresh perspective. I have issues, I am not my issues. I can take a deep breath and make choices instead of re-acting out of fear of my issues becoming worse issues. That alone is worth the price of the trip. I’m not just telling you all this to brag. I want you to take a look. Are you OK? I mean really OK? The bottom line is that you can’t pull other people up if you are not up yourself. I have said it before but it is so true. If momma isn’t happy, nobody is happy. That goes for you guys too. How can you give away what you don’t have.

As I write this message it is starting to sound very familiar to other messages that I previously sent. I write about what is on my mind. I keep having to face all of the challenges that I haven’t mastered over and over again. It reminds me of the patient who complains because you always adjust the same segments on them. It is easy to explain the reality of it to them. Your stress always goes into your weakness. When you get subluxated the subluxations go back into the pattern of weakness. It is simple to see it in a physical sense but what about our lives.

If my weakness is that I don’t take a vacation until I am about to fall down then if I want to change that weakness then I need to set up systems in my life that support me in making the changes in me. Stop and read that again. Now fill in the blank with your weakness. I bet a lot of you have got this same one, but rest assured this is definitely not my only weakness that I have identified in myself. I have many more that I haven’t even identified yet. The first element necessary to change is that I identify the weakness. Until I identify the weakness then it is still one of my operating systems that somehow has some kind of benefit in my life. Anyway that is a whole other conversation. Back to what happens after the identification.

Let’s talk about setting up systems. Sometimes this can be something as simple as better planning. Sometimes the solution can occur between me and my 1 or 2 year calendar. These are the easy changes. For the more difficult ones I need to set up some kind of support system for myself. My support system can be a person who I can talk to who can give me a different perspective. This list can include a friend, mentor, coach or even a paid professional. I guess this still can be classified as part of identification. The point I need to make and obviously need to hear is that I need to have people in my life that I respect and trust enough to be an ongoing support system for me. I need to allow someone or someone’s in my life to be close enough to (excuse my language) – call me on my shit. I need to allow people that won’t just agree with me and will be real with me to be part of my support system. Sometimes letting someone to be that close to me makes me pretty vulnerable. I find it necessary.

Reminds me of when a patient asks why they can’t adjust themselves. I give them a fancy answer but the bottom line is that they can’t. Same with my life. I can’t do it myself. By myself I will get stuck. If I stop growing then I start shrinking. If momma’s not happy, nobody is happy. I can’t get the job done unless I boldly grow and change. I am here to be of use to God and live God’s will for me and I can’t do it alone. I can change – I do change. I can do it with you and you can do it with me. That is empowering to know.

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