Price Listed in Online Contextual Ads

By Daria Belov

Knowing the cost of a first chiropractic visit is certainly something a consumer may like to have information of, especially when not relying on health insurance for reimbursement. Beyond that first visit, consumers often times want to know the fees associated with follow-up visits for chiropractic care and any potentially related services. You may think chiropractors would be quick to post prices in their online ads but I discovered that was rarely the case. A review was performed of various contextual ads that included price information for chiropractor offices in different parts of the United States. Here is what I found.

$27 X-Ray and Spinal Examination (photo: X-Ray of cervical spine)

I performed a review of more than 150 chiropractic centered contextual ads appearing alongside search results. Search queries were made using various combinations of city terms matched with the word chiropractor (or chiropractic). Queries were made for cities in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Colorado, Ohio, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Texas, Iowa, Idaho, Arizona, and California. Out of those search queries, only six return results that included pricing.

Screenshots were made of the individual ads, which were combined into a single image seen below (it’s not some new kind of mega adsense box). Web site and other identifiable information was smudged out as the intent of this post was not to draw attention to specific businesses displaying price in advertising.

Prices for the six displayed advertisements ranged from $27 to $57. The lowest priced ad ($27 complete chiropractic exam and x-rays) was for an office located in San Diego, California. Three of the advertisements listed exam and x-rays for a fixed price ($27, $57, $40). One of the advertisements displayed $45 for a chiro treatment. The ad is not specific whether that is for a chiropractic adjustment or for some form of therapy. Two of the advertisements are unclear ($50 1st Visit and Internet Special $49) as to what’s included in the price. Those fees may be for consultation only, and it’s difficult to say if they include any form of chiropractic examination or care.

price in chiropractic advertising
States that had chiropractors display pricing information included California, Texas, Nevada, and Massachusetts. Three of the six advertisements displayed were for practices in the state of California. Kearny Mesa is in San Diego County, just south of the Miramar Marine Corp. Air Station, and north of Qualcomm Stadium.

Chiropractic State Boards may have guidelines determining whether chiropractors can include pricing information when displaying advertisements, and those guidelines may not be clear as to what is permitted on the web. Chiropractors planning on purchasing internet based contextual advertising are advised to check with state regulatory agencies to avoid any undesired attention.

If you spot text based advertisements that display price information for exams, x-rays, adjustments, first visits, and other services, see if you can grab a screenshot of the advertisement, or remember the city and state the ad was listed in. Forward your information onto us (our e-mail is in the yellow envelope at the top of this post) and we may include it in a follow-up article that shows broader city and state coverage. @ 10:16 pm | Article ID: 1203315402